Ælfsige (DNB00)

ÆLFSIGE (d. 959) was made bishop of Winchester in 951. On the death of Oda, which took place in 958, Ælfsige was elected to the archbishopric of Canterbury. He set out on his journey to Rome to obtain the pall. He was overtaken on the Alps by a heavy snowstorm, and died from the effects of the cold. His companions returned home safely. This is all that is certainly known about him. As Ælfsige was appointed to Canterbury during the reign of Eadwig, he probably belonged to the party opposed to the policy of Dunstan. This is sufficient to account for the dark picture given of him in later legends. His election is regarded as a postponement of the just claims of Dunstan, and is said to have been procured by simony. William of Malmesbury adds a story of his insulting the tomb and memory of his predecessor Oda, and speaks as though his death was the consequence of his sin.

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