1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Haldeman, Samuel Stehman

HALDEMAN, SAMUEL STEHMAN (1812–1880), American naturalist and philologist, was born on the 12th of August 1812 at Locust Grove, Pa. He was educated at Dickinson College, and in 1851 was appointed professor of the natural sciences in the university of Pennsylvania. In 1855 he went to Delaware College, where he filled the same position, but in 1869 he returned to the university of Pennsylvania as professor of comparative philology and remained there till his death, which occurred at Chickies, Pa., on the 10th of September 1880. His writings include Freshwater Univalve Mollusca of the United States (1840); Zoological Contributions (1842–1843); Analytic Orthography (1860); Tours of a Chess Knight (1864); Pennsylvania Dutch, a Dialect of South German with an Infusion of English (1872); Outlines of Etymology (1877); and Word-Building (1881).