1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Montpensier, Counts and Dukes of

MONTPENSIER, COUNTS AND DUKES OF. The French lordship of Montpensier (department of Puy-de-Dôme), which became a countship in the 14th century, was sold in 1384 by Bernard and Robert de Ventadour to John, duke of Berry, whose daughter Marie brought the countship to her husband, John I., duke of Bourbon, in 1400. The countship was subsequently held by Louis de Bourbon, younger son of Duke John, and by his descendants up to Charles de Bourbon-Montpensier, the famous constable, who became duke of Bourbon by his marriage with his cousin, Suzanne de Bourbon, in 1505. Conliscated by King Francis I., the countship was restored in 1538 to Louise de Bourbon, sister of the constable, and widow of the prince de La Roche-sur-Yon, and to her son Louis (1513–1582), and 'was erected into a duchy in the peerage of France (duché-pairie) in 1539. Marie, daughter and heiress of Henri de Bourbon, duke of Montpensier, brought the duchy to her husband Gaston, duke of Orleans, brother of Louis XIII., whom she married in 1626, and their daughter and heiress (see below), known as “La Grande Mademoiselle,” was duchess of Montpensier. The title subsequently remained in the Orleans family, and was borne in particular by Antoine Philippe (1775–1807), son of Philippe “Égalité,” and Antoine Marie Philippe Louis (1824–1890), son of King Louis Philippe and father-in-law of King Alphonso XII. of Spain.