1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Proskurov

PROSKUROV, or Ploskurov, a town of Russia, in the government of Podolia, situated on the railway from Odessa to Lemberg, 62 m. N.W. of Zhmerinka junction. Pop. (1897), 22,915, more than one-half being Jews. It is poorly built, mostly of wood, on a low marshy plain surrounded by hills, at the confluence of the Ploskaya with the Bug. Its old castle has been destroyed, the site being occupied by a Roman Catholic church. The Orthodox Greek cathedral (1839) contains a very ancient and highly venerated image of the Virgin. The manufactures include oil-works and potteries; the Jewish merchants carry on an active export trade in corn and sugar, while the imports consist of salt and manufactured wares. Agriculture and market-gardening are the chief occupations of the Little-Russian inhabitants.