1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Vol 26/Table of contributors


A. A. R. A. Adams Reilly.
Joint-author of Life and Letters of J. D. Forbes.
Tisserand, François.
A. Bo.* Auguste Boudinhon, D.D., D.C.L.
Professor of Canon Law at the Catholic University of Paris. Honorary Canon of Paris. Editor of the Canoniste contemporain.
A. B. Go. Alfred Bradley Gough, M.A., Ph.D.
Sometime Casberd Scholar of St John’s College, Oxford. English Lector in the University of Kiel, 1896-1905.
Swabian League.
A. Ca. Arthur Cayley, LL.D., F.R.S.
See the biographical article: Cayley, Arthur.
Surface (in part).
A. Ch. Alfred Chapman, M.Inst.C.E.
Designer and Constructor of Sugar-Machinery.
Sugar: Sugar Manufacture (in part).
A. C. C. Albert Curtis Clark, M.A.
Fellow and Tutor of Queen’s College, Oxford, and University Reader in Latin# Editor of Cicero’s Speeches (Clarendon Press).
A. C. G. Albert Charles Lewis Gotthilf Guenther, M.A., M.D., Ph.D., F.R.S.
Keeper of the Zoological Department, British Museum, 1875-1895. Gold Medallist, Royal Society, 1878. Author of Catalogues of Colubrine Snakes, Batrachia, Salientia, and Fishes in the British Museum; &c.
A. C. McG. Rev. Arthur Cushman McGiffert, M.A., Ph.D., D.D.
Professor of Church History, Union Theological Seminary, New York. Author of History of Christianity in the Apostolic Age; &c. Editor of the Historia Ecclesia of Eusebius.
Theodoret (in part).
A. D. G. Alfred Denis Godley, M.A.
Fellow and Tutor of Magdalen College, Oxford, and Public Orator in the University. Author of Socrates and Athenian Society; &c. Editor of editions of Tacitus.
Tacitus (in part).
A. F. P. Albert Frederick Pollard, M.A., F.R.Hist.S.
Professor of English History in the University of London. Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. Assistant-editor of the Dictionary of National Biography, 1893-1901. Lothian Prizeman, Oxford, 1892; Arnold Prizeman, 1898. Author of England under the Protector Somerset; Henry VIII.; Life of Thomas Cranmer; &c.
Taylor, Rowland; Tetzel.
A. G. Major Arthur George Frederick Griffiths (d. 1908).
H.M. Inspector of Prisons, 1878-1896. Author of The Chronicles of Newgate; Secrets of the Prison House; &c.
A. Ha. Adolf Harnack, D.Ph.
See the biographical article: Harnack, Adolf.
Tertullian (in part); Theodore of Mopsuestia; Theodoret (in part).
A. He. Arthur Hervey.
Formerly Musical Critic to the Morning Post and to Vanity Fair. Author of Masters of French Music; French Music in the Nineteenth Century.
Thomas, Charles.
A. H.-S. Sir A. Houtum-Schindler, C.I.E.
General in the Persian Army. Author of Eastern Persian Irak.
Tabriz; Teheran.
A. H. S. Rev. Archibald Henry Sayce, D.D., LL.D., Litt.D.
See the biographical article: Sayce, Archibald H.
A. J. G. Rev. Alexander James Grieve, M.A., B.D.
Professor of New Testament and Church History, Yorkshire United Independent College, Bradford. Sometime Registrar of Madras University, and Member of Mysore Educational Service.
Swedenborg, Emanuel; Tithes (Religion).
A. L. Andrew Lang, LL.D.
See the biographical article: Lang, Andrew.
A. Mü. August Müller, Ph.D. (1848-1892).
Formerly Professor of Semitic Languages in the University of Halle. Author of Der Islam im Morgen- und Abendland. Editor of Orientalische Bibliographie.
Sunnites (in part).
A. M. F.* Arthur Mostyn Field, F.R.S., F.R.A.S., F.R.G.S., F.R.Met.S.
Vice-Admiral R.N. Admiralty Representative on Port of London Authority. Acting Conservator of River Mersey. Hydrographer of the Royal Navy, 1904-1909. Author of Hydrographical Surveying; &c.
Surveying: Nautical.
A. N. Alfred Newton, F.R.S.
See the biographical article: Newton, Alfred.
Sugar-bird; Sun-bird; Sun-bittern; Swallow; Swan; Swift; Tanager; Tapaculo; Teal; Tern; Thrush; Tinamou; Titmouse; Tody.
A. P. H. Alfred Peter Hillier, M.D., M.P.
Author of South African Studies; The Commonweal; &c. Served in Kafir War, 1878-1879. Partner with Dr Jameson in medical practice in South Africa till 1896. Member of Reform Committee, Johannesburg, and Political Prisoner at Pretoria, 1895-1896. M.P. for the Hitchin division of Herts, 1910.
Swaziland (in part).
A. R. S. K. Rev. Archibald R. S. Kennedy, M.A., D.D.
Professor of Hebrew and Semitic languages in the University of Edinburgh. Professor of Hebrew in the University of Aberdeen, 1887-1894. Editor of “Exodus” in the Temple Bible.
Tabernacle; Temple (in part).
A. Sl. Arthur Shadwell, M.A., M.D., LL.D.
Member of the Council of Epidemiological Society. Author of The London Water Supply; Industrial Efficiency; Drink, Temperance and Legislation.
A. Sp. Archibald Sharp.
Consulting Engineer and Chartered Patent Agent.
A. S. C. Alan Summerly Cole, C.B.
Formerly Assistant Secretary, Board of Education, South Kensington. Author of Ornament in European Silks; Catalogue of Tapestry, Embroidery, Lace and Egyptian Textiles in the Victoria and Albert Museum; &c.
Tapestry; Textile-Printing: Art and Archaeology.
A. S. P.-P. Andrew Seth Pringle-Pattison, M.A., LL.D., D.C.L.
Professor of Logic and Metaphysics in the University of Edinburgh. Gifford Lecturer in the University of Aberdeen, 1911. Fellow of the British Academy. Author of Man’s Place in the Cosmos; The Philosophical Radicals; &c.
Theosophy (in part).
A. Wa. Arthur Waugh, M.A.
Managing Director of Chapman & Hall, Ltd., Publishers. Formerly literary adviser. to Kegan Paul & Co. Author of Alfred Lord Tennyson; Legends of the Wheel; Robert Browning in “Westminster Biographies.” Editor of Johnson’s Lives of the Poets.
Symonds, John Addington.
A. W. H.* Arthur William Holland.
Formerly Scholar of St John’s College, Oxford. Bacon Scholar of Gray’s Inn, 1900.
A. W. R. Alexander Wood Renton, M.A., LL.B.
Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of Ceylon. Editor of Encyclopaedia of the Laws of England.
Thurlow, Lord.
C. B.* Charles Bémont, D.Litt.
See the biographical article: Bémont, C.
Thierry; Thou, Jacques.
C. C. Charles Creighton, M.A., M.D.
King’s College, Cambridge. Author of History of Epidemics in Britain; Jenner and Vaccination; Plague in India; &c.
Surgery: History.
C. El. Sir Charles Norton Edgcumbe Eliot, K.C.M.G., LL.D., D.C.L.
Vice-Chancellor of Sheffield University. Formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford. H.M.’s Commissioner and Commander-in-Chief for the British East Africa Protectorate; Agent and Consul-General at Zanzibar; Consul-General for German East Africa, 1900-1904.
Tatars (in part).
C. F. A. Charles Francis Atkinson.
Formerly Scholar of Queen’s College, Oxford. Captain, 1st City of London (Royal Fusiliers). Author of The Wilderness and Cold Harbor.
Supply and Transport (Military); Thirty Years' War.
C. F. B. Charles Francis Bastable, M.A., LL.D.
Regius Professor of Laws and Professor of Political Economy in the University of Dublin. Author of Public Finance; Commerce of Nations; Theory of International Trade; &c.
Token Money.
C. H. Ha. Carlton Huntley Hayes, A.M., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History in Columbia University, New York City. Member of the American Historical Association.
C. H. K. Clarence Hill Kelsey, A.M, LL.B.
Vice-President and General Manager of the Bond and Mortgage Guarantee Company, New York City. Director of the Corn Exchange Bank; &c.
Title Guarantee Companies.
C. H. W. Charles Theodore Hagberg Wright, LL.D.
Librarian and Secretary of the London Library.
Tolstoy, Leo.
C. J. B. Charles Jasper Blunt.
Major, Royal Artillery. Ordnance Officer. Served through Chitral Campaign.
Tirah Campaign.
C. L. K. Charles Lethbridge Kingsford, M.A., F.R.Hist.S. F.S.A.
Assistant Secretary to the Board of Education. Author of Life of Henry V. Editor of Chronicles of London, and Stow’s Survey of London.
Suffolk, William de la Pole, Duke of.
C. R. B. Charles Raymond Beazley, M.A., D.Litt., F.R.G.S., F.R.Hist.S.
Professor of Modern History in the University of Birmingham. Formerly Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, and University Lecturer in the History of Geography. Lothian Prizeman, Oxford, 1889. Lowell Lecturer, Boston, 1908. Author of Henry the Navigator; The Dawn of Modern Geography; &c.
Tasman; Thorfinn Karlsefni.
C. S. S. Charles Scott Sherrington, D.SC., M.D., M.A., F.R.S., LL.D.
Professor of Physiology, University of Liverpool. Foreign Member of Academies of Rome, Vienna, Brussels, Göttingen, &c. Author of The Integrative Action of the Nervous System.
Sympathetic System.
C. Wi. C. Wilhelm.
Author of Essays on Ballet and Spectacle.
Theatre: Spectacle.
D. Br. Sir Dietrich Brandis, K.C.I.E., F.R.S. (1824–1907).
Inspector-General of Forestry to the Indian Government, 1864–1883.
Teak (in part).
D. C. To. Rev. Duncan Crookes Tovey, M.A.
Rector of Worplesdon, Surrey. Editor of The Letters of Thomas Gray; &c.
Thomson, James (1700–1748).
D. F. T. Donald Francis Tovey.
Author of Essays in Musical Analysis: comprising The Classical Concerto, The Goldberg Variations, and analyses of many other Classical works.
Suite: Music; Symphonic Poem; Symphony.
D. Gi. Sir David Gill, K.C.B., LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.A.S., D.Sc.
H.M. Astronomer at the Cape of Good Hope, 1879–1907. Served on Geodetic Survey of Egypt, and on the expedition to Ascension Island to determine the Solar Parallax by observations of Mars. Directed the Geodetic Survey of Natal, Cape Colony and Rhodesia. Author of Geodetic Survey of South Africa; Catalogue of Stars for the Equinoxes, 1850, 1860, 1885, 1890, 1900; &c.
Telescope (in part).
D. G. H. David George Hogarth, M.A.
Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, and Fellow of Magdalen College. Fellow of the British Academy. Excavated at Paphos, 1888; Naucratis, 1899 and 1903; Ephesus, 1904–1905; Assiut, 1906–1907. Director, British School at Athens, 1897–1900. Director, Cretan Exploration Fund, 1899.
Syria; Tobruk; Tokat.
D. H. David Hannay.
Formerly British Vice-Consul at Barcelona. Author of Short History of the Royal Navy; Life of Emilio Castelar; &c.
Suffren, Admiral;
Swold, Battle of
D. H. S. Dukinfield Henry Scott, M.A., Ph.D., LL.D., F.R.S.
Professor of Botany, Royal College of Science, London, 1885–1892. Formerly President of the Royal Microscopical Society and of the Linnean Society. Author of Structural Botany; Studies in Fossil Botany; &c.
Thuret, Gustave.
D. Ll. T. Daniel Lleufer Thomas.
Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln’s Inn. Stipendiary Magistrate at Pontypridd and Rhondda.
D. R.-M. David Randall-MacIver, M.A., D.Sc.
Curator of Egyptian Department, University of Pennsylvania. Formerly Worcester Reader in Egyptology, University of Oxford. Author of Medieval Rhodesia; &c.
Sudan: Archaeology (in part).
D. S.* David Sharp, M.A., F.R.S., F.Z.S.
Editor of the Zoological Record. Formerly Curator of the Museum of Zoology, University of Cambridge, and President of the Entomological Society of London. Author of “Insecta” in the Cambridge Natural History; &c.
D. Sch. David Frederick Schloss, M.A.
Formerly Senior Investigator and Statistician in the Labour Department of the Board of Trade. Author of Methods of Industrial Remuneration; &c.
Sweating System.
E. Ar.* Rev. Elkanah Armitage, M.A.
Trinity College, Cambridge. Professor in Yorkshire United Independent College, Bradford.
E. A. F. Edward Augustus Freeman, LL.D., D.C.L.
See the biographical article: Freeman, E. A.
E. Br. Ernest Barker, M.A.
Fellow and Lecturer in Modern History, St John’s College, Oxford. Formerly Fellow and Tutor of Merton College. Craven Scholar, 1895.
Tancred; Teutonic Order.
E. C. B. Rt. Rev. Edward Cuthbert Butler, M.A., O.S.B., Litt.D.
Abbot of Downside Abbey, Bath. Author of “The Lausiac History of Palladius” in Cambridge Texts and Studies.
Tertiaries; Thomas of Celano.
E. G. Edmund Gosse, LL.D., D.C.L.
See the biographical article: Gosse, Edmund.
Sully-Prudhomme; Sweden: Literature and Philosophy; Swinburne, Algernon C.; Tegnér, Esaias; Tennyson, Alfred; Terza Rima.
E. Ga. Emile Garcke, M.Inst.E.E.
Managing Director of the British Electric Traction Co. Ltd. Author of Manual of Electrical Undertakings; &c.
Telegraph: Commercial Aspects; Telephone: Commercial Aspects.
E. Gr. Ernest Arthur Gardner, M.A.
See the biographical article: Gardner, Percy.
Sunium; Tegea: Archaeology; Thebes (Greece); Tiryns (in part).
E. H.* Ernest Harrison, M.A.
Fellow and Lecturer in Classics, Trinity College, Cambridge. Author of Studies in Theognis.
Terence (in part).
E. He. Edward Heawood, M.A.
Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Librarian of the Royal Geographical Society, London.
Tanganyika, Lake.
E. H. M. Ellis Hovell Minns, M.A.
University Lecturer in Palaeography, Cambridge. Lecturer and Assistant Librarian of Pembroke College, Cambridge. Formerly Fellow of Pembroke College.
Tauri; Theodosia: Ancient; Thyssagetae.
E. K. Edmund Knecht, Ph.D., F.I.C.
Profossor Technological Chemistry, Manchester university. Head of Chemical Department, Municipal School of Technology, Manchester. Examiner in Dyeing, City and Guilds of London Institute. Author of A Manual of Dyeing; &c. Editor of the Journal of the Society of Dyers and Colourists.
Textile-printing: Manufacturing.
Ed. M. Eduard Meyer, Ph.D, D.Litt., LL.D.
Professor of Ancient History in the University of Berlin. Author of Geschichte des Alterthums; Geschichte des alten Aegyptens; Die Israeliten und ihre Nachbarstämme.
Tigranes; Tiridates; Tissaphernes.
E. M. W. Rev. Edward Mewburn Walker, M.A.
Fellow, Senior Tutor and Librarian of Queen’s College, Oxford.
E. O.* Edmund Owen, F.R.C.S., LL.D., D.Sc.
Consulting Surgeon to St Mary’s Hospital, London, and to the Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street, London. Chevalier of the Legion of Honours. Author of A Manual of Anatomy for Senior Students.
Surgery: Modern practice; Tetanus.
E. O. S. Edwin Otho Sachs, F.R.S. (Edin), A.M.Inst.M.E.
Chairman of the British Fire Prevention Committee. Vice-President, National Fire Brigades’ Union. Vice-President, International Fire Service Council. Author of Fires and Public Entertainments; &c.
Theatre: Modern stage mechanism.
E. Wh. Emmanuel Wheeler, M.A.
F. C. B. Francis Crawford Burkitt, M.A., D.D.
Norrisian Professor of Divinity in the University of Cambridge. Fellow of the British Academy. Part-editor of The Four Gospels in Syriac transcribed from the Sinaitic Palimpsest. Author of The Gospel History and its Transmission; Early Eastern Christianity; &c.
Thomas, St (in part).
F. G. M. B. Frederick George Meeson Beck, M.A.
Fellow and Lecturer of Clare College, Cambridge.
Suebi; Sussex, Kingdom of; Sweden: Early History; Teutoni.
F. G. P. Frederick Gymer Parsons, F.R.C.S., F.Z.S., F.R.Anthrop.Inst.
Vice-President, Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Lecturer on Anatomy at St Thomas’s Hospital, London, and the London School of Medicine for Women. Formerly Hunterian Professor at the Royal College of Surgeons.
F. G. P.* Frank George Pope.
Lecturer on Chemistry, East London College (University of London).
F. H. H. Franklin Henry Hooper.
Assistant Editor of the Century Dictionary.
Tammany Hall.
F. J. G. Major-General Sir Frederick John Goldsmid.
See the biographical article: Goldsmid: Family.
F. J. H. Francis John Haverfield, M.A., LL.D., F.S.A.
Camden Professor of Ancient History in the University of Oxford. Fellow of Brasenose College. Fellow of the British Academy. Formerly Censor, Student, Tutor and Librarian of Christ Church, Oxford. Ford’s Lecturer, 1906-1907. Author of Monographs on Roman History, especially Roman Britain, &c.
F. Ll. G. Francis Llewellyn Griffith, M.A., Ph.D., F.S.A.
Reader in Egyptology, Oxford University. Editor of the Archaeological Survey and Archaeological Reports of the Egypt Exploration Fund. Fellow of Imperial German Archaeological Institute. Author of Stories of the High Priests of Memphis; &c.
Thebes (Egypt); Thoth.
F. P. Frank Podmore, M.A. (1856-1910).
Sometime Scholar of Pembroke College, Oxford. Author of Modern Spiritualism; Mesmerism and Christian Science; &c.
F. Po. Sir Frederick Pollock, Bart., LL.D., D.C.L.
See the biographical article: Pollock: Family.
F. Pu. Frederick Purser, M.A. (1840-1910).
Formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin. Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Dublin. Member of the Royal Irish Academy.
Surface (in part).
F. R. C. Frank R. Cana.
Author of South Africa from the Great Trek to the Union.
Sudan: Geography and Statistics, Archaeology (in part); Swaziland (in part); Timbuktu; Tlemçen.
F. V. B. F. Vincent Brooks.
Managing Director of Messrs Vincent Brooks, Day & Son, Ltd., Lithographic Printers, London.
Sun Copying.
F. W. Ga. Frederick William Gamble, D.Sc., F.R.S.
Professor of Zoology in the University of Birmingham. Formerly Assistant Director of the Zoological Laboratories and Lecturer in Zoology in the University of Manchester. Author of Animal Life. Editor of Marshall and Hurst’s Practical Zoology; &c.
F. W. R.* Frederick William Rudler, I.S.O., F.G.S.
Curator and Librarian of the Museum of Practical Geology, London, 1879-1902. President of the Geologists’ Association, 1887-1889.
F. W. T. Frank William Taussig.
See the biographical article: Taussig, Frank William .
G. A. B. George A. Boulenger, D.Sc., F.R.S.
Keeper of the Collections of Reptiles and Fishes, Department of Zoology, British Museum. Vice-President of the Zoological Society of London.
Tadpole; Teleostomes.
G. G. P.* George Grenville Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L.
Christ Church, Oxford. Barrister-at-Law, Middle Temple.
Tithes: English.
G. H. Bo. Rev. George Herbert Box, M.A.
Rector of Sutton Sandy, Beds. Formerly Lecturer in the Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford, 1908-1909. Author of Translation of the Book of Isaiah; &c.
Teraphim (in part).
G. H. C. George Herbert Carpenter.
Professor of Zoology in the Royal College of Science, Dublin. Author of Insects: their Structure and Life.
G. H. D. Sir George Howard Darwin, K.C.B., M.A., F.R.S., LL.D., D.Sc.
Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Plumian Professor of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy in the University. President of the British Association, 1905. Author of The Tides and Kindred Phenomena in the Solar System; &c.
G. J. A. George Johnston Allman, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S., D.Sc. (1824-1905).
Professor of Mathematics in Queen’s College, Galway, and in Queen’s University of Ireland, 1853-1893. Author of Greek Geometry from Thales to Euclid; &c.
Thales of Miletus.
G. L. Georg Lunge, Ph.D., D.Ing.
See the biographical article: Lunge, G.
Sulphuric Acid.
G. Sa. George Saintsbury, LL.D., D.C.L.
See the biographical article: Saintsbury, George Edward Bateman.
G. Sn. Grant Showerman, A.M., Ph.D.
Professor of Latin at the University of Wisconsin. Member of the Archaeological Institute of America. Member of the American Philological Association. Author of With the Professor; The Great Mother of the Gods; &c.
Syncretism; Taurobolium.
G. U. Goji Ukita.
Formerly Chancellor of the Japanese Legation, London. Author of Wealth of Canada (in Japanese).
G. W. P. George Walter Prothero, M.A., Litt.D., LL.D.
Editor of the Quarterly Review. Honorary Fellow, formerly Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge. Fellow of the British Academy. Professor of History in the University of Edinburgh, 1894-1899. Author of Life and Times of Simon de Montfort; &c. Joint-editor of the Cambridge Modern History.
Temple, Sir William.
G. W. T. Rev. Griffithes Wheeler Thatcher, M.A., B.D.
Warden of Camden College, Sydney, N.S.W. Formerly Tutor in Hebrew and Old Testament History at Mansfield College, Oxford.
Suyuti; Tabari; Tarafa; Tha'Alibi; Tirmidhi.
H. B. Wa. Henry Beauchamp Walters, M.A., F.S.A.
Assistant to the Keeper of Greek and Roman Antiquities, British Museum. Author of The Art of the Greeks; History of Ancient Pottery; &c.
Terracotta (in part).
H. Ch. Hugh Chisholm, M.A.
Formerly Scholar of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Editor of the 11th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Co-editor of the 10th edition.
Sullivan, Sir Arthur; Tennent, Sir E.; Theatre: Modern (in part); Thompson, Francis.
H. De. Rev. Hippolyte Delehaye, S. J.
Bollandist. Joint-editor of the Acta Sanctorum and the Analecta Bollandiana.
Symeon Metaphrastes; Synaxarium; Thecla, St.
H. D. T. H. Dennis Taylor.
Inventor of the Cooke Photographic Lens. Author of A System of Applied Optics.
Telescope (in part).
H. F. T. Rev. Henry Fanshawe Tozer, M.A., F.R.G.S.
Hon. Fellow, formerly Fellow and Tutor of Exeter College, Oxford. Fellow of the British Academy. Corresponding Member of the Historical Society of Greece, Author of History of Ancient Geography; Lectures on the Geography of Greece; &c.
Thessaly; Thrace.
H. H. Henri Simon Hymans, Ph.D.
Keeper of the Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, Brussels. Author of Rubens: sa vie et son œuvre.
Teniers (in part).
H. H. L. Henry Harvey Littlejohn, M.A., F.R.C.S. (Edin.)., F.R.S. (Edin.).
Professor of Forensic Medicine and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Edinburgh.
H. Ja. Henry Jackson, Litt.D., LL.D., O.M.
Regius Professor of Greek in the University of Cambridge. Fellow of Trinity College. Fellow of the British Academy. Author of Texts to Illustrate the History of Greek Philosophy from Thales to Aristotle.
Thales of Miletus: Philosophy.
H. L. C. Hugh Longbourne Callendar, F.R.S., LL.D.
Professor of Physics, Royal College of Science, London. Formerly Professor of Physics in McGill College, Montreal, and in University College, London.
Thermodynamics; Thermoelectricity; Thermometry.
H. M. C. Hector Munro Chadwick, M.A.
Fellow and Librarian of Clare College, Cambridge, and University Lecturer in Scandinavian. Author of Studies on Anglo-Saxon Institutions.
Teutonic Languages; Teutonic Peoples; Thor.
H. R. K. Harry Robert Kempe, M.Inst.C.E.
Electrician to the General Post Office, London. Author of The Engineer’s Year Book; &c.
Telegraph; Telephone.
H. S. J. Henry Stuart Jones, M.A.
Formerly Fellow and Tutor of Trinity College, Oxford, and Director of the British School at Rome. Member of the German Imperial Archaeological Institute. Author of The Roman Empire; &c.
Theatre: Ancient (in part).
H. Ti. Henry Tiedemann.
London Editor of the Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant.
H. W. B. Sir Hilaro William Wellesley Barlow, Bart.
Lieut.-Col. Royal Artillery. Superintendent of the Royal Laboratory, Woolwich.
Sword: Modern Military (in part).
H. W. C. D. Henry William Carless Davis, M.A.
Fellow and Tutor of Balliol College, Oxford. Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, 1895-1902. Author of England under the Normans and Angevins; Charlemagne.
H. W. H. Hope W. Hogg, M.A.
Professor of Semitic Languages and Literatures in the University of Manchester.
I. A. Israel Abrahams, M.A.
Reader in Talmudic and Rabbinic Literature in the University of Cambridge. Formerly President of the Jewish Historical Society of England. Author of Short History of Jewish Literature; Jewish Life in the Middle Ages; Judaism; &c.
Synagogue: United; Tam, Jacob ben Meïr; Tanna.
I. J. C. Isaac Joslin Cox, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History in the University of Cincinnati. President of the Ohio Valley Historical Association. Author of The Journeys of La Salle and his Companions; &c.
Taylor, Zachary.
J. A. F. John Ambrose Fleming, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.
Pender Professor of Electrical Engineering in the University of London. Fellow , of University College, London. Formerly Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge, and University Lecturer on Applied Mechanics. Author of Magnets and Electric Currents.
Telegraph: Wireless Telegraphy.
J. A. H. John Allen Howe.
Curator and Librarian of the Museum of Practical Geology, London. Author of The Geology of Building Stones.
J. A. S. John Addington Symonds, LL.D.
See the biographical article: Symonds, J. Addington.
J. Br. Right Hon. James Bryce, D.C.L., D.Litt.
See the biographical article: Bryce, James.
J. Bra. Joseph Braun, S.J.
Author of Die liturgische Gewandung; &c.
Surplice; Tiara.
J. Bt. James Bartlett.
Lecturer on Construction, Architecture, Sanitation, Quantities, &c at King’s College, London. Member of Society of Architects. Member of Institute of Timber Engineers.
J. C. E. James Cossar Ewart, M.D., F.R.S.
Regius Professor of Zoology in the University of Edinburgh. Swiney Lecturer on Geology at the British Museum, 1907. Author of The Multiple Origin of Horses and Ponies; &c.
J. D. Pr. John Dyneley Prince, Ph.D.
Professor of Semitic Languages in Columbia University, New York. Took part in the Expedition to Southern Babylonia, 1888-1889.
Sumer and Sumerian.
J. E. F. Rev. James Everett Frame, A.M.
Edward Robinson Professor of Biblical Theology in Union Theological Seminary, New York. Author of Purpose of New Testament Theology.
Thessalonians, Epistles to the.
J. F.-K. James Fitzmaurice-Kelly, Litt.D., F.R.Hist.S.
Professor of Spanish Language and Literature, Liverpool University. Norman McColl Lecturer, Cambridge University. Fellow of the British Academy Member of the Royal Spanish Academy. Knight Commander of the Order of Alphonso XII. Author of A History of Spanish Literature; &c.
Tamayo y Baus; Tirso de Molina.
J. F. St. John Frederick Stenning, M.A.
Dean, Fellow and Lecturer in Divinity and Hebrew, Wadham College, Oxford. University Lecturer in Aramaic.
J. Ga. James Gairdner, C.B., LL.D.
See the biographical article: Gairdner, James.
Talbot (Family) (in part).
J. G. F. Sir Joshua Girling Fitch, LL.D.
See the biographical article: Fitch, Sir J. G.
Thring, Edward.
J. G. Fr. James George Frazer, M.A., D.C.L., LL.D., Litt.D.
Professor of Social Anthropology, Liverpool University. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Fellow of the British Academy. Author of The Golden Bough; &c.
Thesmophoria (in part).
J. G. M. John Gray McKendrick, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.S. (Edin.).
Emeritus Professor of Physiology in the University of Glasgow. Professor of Physiology, 1876-1906. Author of Life in Motion; Life of Helmholtz; &c.
J. G. So. Sir James George Scott, K.C.I.E.
Superintendent and Political Officer, Southern Shan States. Author of Burma; The Upper Burma Gazetteer.
Theinni; Thibaw.
J. H. M. John Henry Middleton, M.A., Litt.D., F.S.A., D.C.L. (1846-1896).
Slade Professor of Fine Art in the University of Cambridge, 1886-1895. Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, 1889-1892. Art Director of the South Kensington Museum, 1892-1896. Author of The Engraved Gems of Classical Times; Illuminated Manuscripts in Classical and Mediaeval Times.
Theatre: Ancient (in part); Modern (in part); Tiryns (in part).
J. H. R. John Horace Round, M.A., LL.D.
Balliol College, Oxford. Author of Feudal England; Studies in Peerage and Family History; Peerage and Pedigree.
Talbot (Family) (in part).
J. Hl. R. John Holland Rose, M.A., Litt.D.
Christ’s College, Cambridge. Lecturer on Modern History to the Cambridge University Local Lectures Syndicate. Author of Life of Napoleon I.; Napoleonic Studies; The Development of the European Nations; The Life of Pitt; &c.
J. Ja. Joseph Jacobs, Litt.D.
Professor of English Literature in the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York. Formerly President of the Jewish Historical Society of England. Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of History, Madrid. Author of Jews of Angevin England; Studies in Biblical Archaeology; &c.
Tabernacles, Feast of.
J. K. I. John Kells Ingram, LL.D.
See the biographical article: Ingram, John Kells.
Sumptuary Laws.
J. K. L. Sir John Knox Laughton, M.A., Litt.D.
Professor of Modern History, King’s College, London. Secretary of the Navy Records Society. Served in the Baltic, 1854-1855; in China, 1856-1859. Mathematical and Naval Instructor, Royal Naval College, Portsmouth, 1866-1873; Greenwich, 1873-1885. President, Royal Meteorological Society, 1882-1884. Honorary Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Fellow of King College, London. Author of Physical Geography in its Relation to the Prevailing Winds and Currents; Studies in Naval History; Sea Fights and Adventures; &c.
Tegetthoff, Admiral.
J. L. E. D. John Louis Emil Dreyer.
Director of Armagh Observatory. Kepler; &c. Author of Planetary Systems from Thales to Kepler; &c.
Time, Measurement of.
J. M. Sir John Macdonell, M.A., C.B., LL.D.
Master of the Supreme Court. Formerly Counsel to the Board of Trade and the London Chamber of Commerce; Quain Professor of Comparative Law, University College, London. Editor of State Trials; Civil Judicial Statistics; &c. Author of Survey of Political Economy; The Land Question; &c.
J. Mt. Rev. James Moffatt, M.A., D.D.
Minister of the United Free Church of Scotland. Jowett Lecturer, London, 1907. Author of Historical New Testament; &c.
Timothy, First Epistle to; Timothy, Second Epistle to; Titus, Epistle to.
J. McE. John McEwan, F.R.G.S., F.R.Met.Soc.
J. M. G. John Miller Gray (1850-1894).
Art Critic. Curator of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 1884-1894. Author of David Scott, R.S.A.; James and William Tassie.
Tassie, James.
J. M. M. John Malcolm Mitchell.
Sometime Scholar of Queen’s College, Oxford. Lecturer in Classics, East London College (University of London). Joint-editor of Grote’s History of Greece.
Terramara; Themistocles; Thucydides (in part).
J. Pu. John Purser, M.A., LL.D.
Formerly Professor of Mathematics in Queen’s College, Belfast. Member of the Royal Irish Academy.
Surface (in part).
J. P. E. Jean Paul Hippolyte Emmanuel Adhémar Esmein.
Professor of Law in the University of Paris. Officer of the Legion of Honour. Member of the Institute of France. Author of Cours elementaire d’histoire du droit français; &c.
J. P. P. John Percival Postgate, M.A., Litt.D.
Professor of Latin in the University of Liverpool. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Fellow of the British Academy. Editor of the Classical Quarterly. Editor-in-Chief of the Corpus poetarum Latinorum; &c.
Textual Criticism; Tibullus, Albius.
J. P. Pe. John Punnett Peters, Ph.D., D.D.
Canon Residentiary of the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral of St John the Divine, New York City. Formerly Professor of Hebrew in the University of Pennsylvania. In charge of the University Expedition to Babylonia, 1888-1895. Author of Nippur, or Explorations and Adventures on the Euphrates.
J. S. F. John Smith Flett, D.Sc., F.G.S.
Petrographer to the Geological Survey of the United Kingdom. Formerly Lecturer en Petrology in Edinburgh University. Neill Medallist of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Bigsby Medallist of the Geological Society of London.
Syenite; Tachylytes; Theralite.
J. S. Ga. James Sykes Gamble, M.A., C.I.E., F.R.S., F.L.S.
Indian Forest Service (retired). Formerly Director of the Imperial Forest School at Dehra Dun. Author of A Manual of Indian Timbers; &c.
Teak (in part).
J. S. R. James Smith Reid, M.A., LL.D., Litt.D.
Professor of Ancient History and Fellow and Tutor of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Honorary Fellow, formerly Fellow and Lecturer of Christ’s College. Browne’s and Chancellor’s Medals. Editor of editions of Cicero’s Academia: De Amicitia; &c.
J. T. Be. John Thomas Bealby.
Joint-author of Stanford’s Europe. Formerly Editor of the Scottish Geographical Magazine. Translator of Sven Hedin’s Through Asia, Central Asia and Tibet; &c.
Syr-Darya (River) (in part);
Syr-Darya (Province)
 (in part); Takla Makan;
 (in part);
; Tian-Shan;
Tiflis (Town)
 (in part);
Tobolsk (Government)
 (in part);
Tomsk (Government)
 (in part).
J. T. C. Joseph Thomas Cunningham, M.A., F.Z.S.
Lecturer on Zoology at the South-Western Polytechnic, London. Formerly Fellow of University College, Oxford. Assistant Professor of Natural History in the University of Edinburgh. Naturalist to the Marine Biological Association.
J. W. James Williams, M.A., D.C.L., LL.D.
All Souls Reader in Roman Law in the University of Oxford, and Fellow of Lincoln College. Author of Wills and Succession; &c.
Theatre: Law relating to Theatres;
Tithes (Law)
J. Wal. James Walker, D.Sc., Ph.D., LL.D., F.R.S.
Professor of Chemistry in the University of Edinburgh. Professor of Chemistry, University College, Dundee, 1894–1908. Author of Introduction to Physical Chemistry.
J. W. G. John Walter Gregory, D.Sc., F.R.S.
Professor of Geology in the University of Glasgow. Professor of Geology and Mineralogy in the University of Melbourne, 1900–1904. Author of The Dead Heart of Australia; &c.
Tasmania: Geology.
J. W. He. James Wycliffe Headlam, M.A.
Staff Inspector of Secondary Schools under the Board of Education, London. Formerly Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge. Professor of Greek and Ancient History at Queen’s College, London. Author of Bismarck and the Foundation of the German Empire; &c.
Taaffe, Count;
J. W. L. G. James Whitbread Lee Glaisher, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.
Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Formerly President of the Cambridge Philosophical Society and the Royal Astronomical Society. Editor of Messenger of Mathematics and the Quarterly Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics.
Table, Mathematical.
K. A. M.* Kate A. Meakin (Mrs Budgett Meakin).
Tetuan; Sus.
K. L. Rev. Kirsopp Lake, M.A.
Lincoln College, Oxford. Professor of Early Christian Literature and New Testa­ment Exegesis in the University of Leiden. Author of The Text of the New Testa­ment; The Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ; &c.
K. S. Kathleen Schlesinger.
Author of The Instruments of the Orchestra. Editor of The Portfolio of Musical Archaeology.
Symphonia; Tambourine; Timbrel.
L. A. W. Laurence Austine Waddell, C.B., C.I.E., LL.D.
Lieut.-Colonel I.M.S. (retired). Author of Lhasa and its Mysteries; &c.
Tibet (in part).
L. J. S. Leonard James Spencer, M.A.
Assistant in the Department of Mineralogy, British Museum. Formerly Scholar of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, and Harkness Scholar. Editor of the Mineralogical Magazine.
Sylvanite; Sylvite;
; Thorite.
M. B. Montagu Browne.
Author of Practical Taxidermy; Collecting Butterflies and Moths.
M. Ba. The Hon. Maurice Baring.
Sometime Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge. War Correspondent for the Morning Post in Manchuria, 1904; and Special Correspondent in Russia, 1905–1908, and in Constantinople, 1909. Author of Landmarks in Russian Literature; With the Russians in Manchuria; A Year in Russia; &c.
M. H. S. Marion H. Spielmann, F.S.A.
Formerly Editor of the Magazine of Art. Member of the Fine Art Committee of the International Exhibitions of Brussels, Paris, Buenos Aires, Rome and the Franco-British Exhibition, London. Author of History ofPunch”; British Portrait-Painting to the Opening of the Nineteenth Century; Works of G. F. Watts, R.A.; British Sculpture and Sculptors of To-day; Henriette Ronner; &c.
Thornycroft, William Hamo.
M. J. de G. Michael Jan de Goeje.
See the biographical article: Goeje, Michael Jan de.
Thousand and one Nights.
M. M. Bh. Sir Mancherjee Merwanjee Bhownaggree, K.C.I.E.
Fellow of Bombay University. M.P. for N.E. Bethnal Green, 1895–1906. Author of History of the Constitution of the East India Company; &c.
M. O. B. C. Maximilian Otto Bismarck Caspari, M.A.
Reader in Ancient History in London University. Lecturer in Greek in Birmingham University, 1905-1908.
Tegea; Theodosius I.-III; Theramenes; Thrasybulus.
N. M. Norman M'Lean, M.A.
Lecturer in Aramaic, Cambridge University. Fellow and Hebrew Lecturer, Christ’s College, Cambridge. Joint-editor of the larger Cambridge Septuagint.
Syriac Language; Syriac Literature; Thomas of Margā.
N. M.* Neill Malcolm, D.S.O., F.R.G.S.
Major, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Served N.W. Frontier, India, 1897-1898; South Africa, 1899-1900; Somaliland, 1903-1904; British Mission to Fez, 1905. Editor of The Science of War.
N. W. T. Northcote Whitridge Thomas, M.A.
Government Anthropologist to Southern Nigeria. Corresponding Member of the Société d’Anthropologie de Paris. Author of Thought Transference; Kinship and Marriage in Australia; &c.
Taboo; Telepathy.
O. H. D. Oskar Henrik Dumrath, Ph.D.
Formerly Editor of foreign news in the Nya Dagligt Allehanda.
Sweden: History (in part).
O. J. R. H. Osbert John Radcliffe Howarth, M.A.
Christ Church, Oxford. Geographical Scholar, Oxford, 1901. Assistant Secretary of the British Association.
Sweden: Geography and Statistics; Tibet (in part).
P. A. K. Prince Peter Alexeivitch Kropotkin.
See the biographical article: Kropotkin, Prince P. A.
Syr-Darya: River (in part); Syr-Darya: Province (in part); Tambov (in part); Tatars (in part); Tiflis: Town (in part); Tobolsk: Government (in part); Tomsk: Government (in part).
P. Gi. Peter Giles, M.A., LL.D., Litt.D.
Fellow and Classical Lecturer of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and University Reader in Comparative Philology. Formerly Secretary of the Cambridge Philological Society. Author of Manual of Comparative Philology.
P. G. K. Paul George Konody.
Art Critic of the Observer and the Daily Mail. Formerly Editor of the Artist. Author of The Art of Walter Crane; Velasquez, Life and Work; &c.
Teniers (in part).
P. La. Philip Lake, M.A., F.G.S.
Lecturer in Regional Geography in the University of Cambridge. Formerly of the Geological Survey of India. Author of Monograph of British Cambrian Trilobites. Translator and Editor of Keyser’s Comparative Geology.
Sweden: Geology.
P. M.* Sir Philip Magnus.
M.P. for the University of London. Superintendent and Secretary of the City and Guilds of London Institute. President of Council of College of Preceptors; Chairman of Secondary Schools Association. Member of the Royal Commission on Technical Instruction, 1881-1884. Author of Industrial Education; &c.
Technical Education.
P. McC. Primrose McConnell, F.G.S.
Member of the Royal Agricultural Society. Author of Diary of a Working Farmer.
P. Vi. Paul Vinogradoff, D.C.L., LL.D.
See the biographical article: Vinogradoff, Paul.
R. A. N. Reynold Alleyne Nicholson, M.A., Litt.D. S
Lecturer in Persian in the University of Cambridge. Sometime Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Professor of Persian at University College, London. Author of Selected Poems from the Divani Shamsi Tabriz; A Literary History of the Arabs; &c.
Sūfīism; Sunnites (in part).
R. A. Sa. Ralph Allen Sampson, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.
Astronomer Royal for Scotland. Formerly Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy in the University of Durham, and Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge. Author of Tables of the Four Great Satellites of Jupiter; &c.
R. A. S. M. Robert Alexander Stewart Macalister, M.A., F.S.A.
St John’s College, Cambridge. Director of Excavations for the Palestine Exploration Fund.
R. C. J. Sir Richard Claverhouse Jebb, LL.D., D.C.L.
See the biographical article: Jebb, Sir Richard Claverhouse.
Thucydides (in part).
R. G. Richard Garnett, LL.D.
See the biographical article: Garnett, Richard.
Swift, Jonathan (in part).
R. Gn. Sir Robert Giffen, F.R.S.
See the biographical article: Giffen, Sir Robert.
R. H. C. Rev. Robert Henry Charles, M.A., D.D., Litt.D. (Oxon).
Grinfield Lecturer and Lecturer in Biblical Studies, Oxford, and Fellow of Merton College. Fellow of the British Academy. Formerly Senior Moderator of Trinity College, Dublin. Author and Editor of Book of Enoch; Book of Jubilees; Apocalypse of Baruch; Assumption of Moses; Ascension of Isaiah; &c.
Testaments of the Three Patriarchs; Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs.
R. I. P. Reginald Innes Pocock, F.Z.S.
Superintendent of the Zoological Gardens, London.
Tarantula; Tardigrada; Ticks.
R. J. M. Ronald John McNeill, M.A.
Christ Church, Oxford. Barrister-at : Law. Formerly Editor of the St James Gazette (London).
Sussex, 3rd Earl of; Tandy, James Napper; Temple, Earl.
R. L.* Richard Lydekker, F.R.S., F.G.S., F.Z.S.
Member of the Staff of the Geological Survey of India, 1874-1882. Author of Catalogue of Fossil Mammals, Reptiles and Birds in the British Museum; The Deer of all Lands; The Game Animals of Africa; &c.
Swine; Tapir (in part); Tarsier; Tiger (in part); Tillodontia; Titanotheriidae.
R. Ma. Rev. Robert Mackintosh, M.A., D.D.
Tutor in Lancashire Independent College, Manchester.
Theism; Theology.
R. N. B. Robert Nisbet Bain (d. 1909).
Assistant Librarian, British Museum, 1883-1909. Author of Scandinavia: the Political History of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, 1513-1900; The First Romanovs, 1613 to 1725; Slavonic Europe: the Political History of Poland and Russia from 1469 to 1700; &c.
Svane, Hans; Sweden: History (in part); Sweyn I.; Széchenyi, Istvan, Count; Szigligeti, Ede; Tarnowski, Jan; Tausen, Hans; Tessin, Count; Theodore I.-III. of Russia; Thököly, Imre; Tisza, Kálmán; Toll, Johan, Count; Tolstoy, Petr, Count.
R. P. S. R. Phene Spiers, F.S.A., F.R.I.B.A.
Formerly Master of the Architectural School, Royal Academy, London. Past President of Architectural Association. Associate and Fellow of King’s College London. Corresponding Member of the Institute of France. Editor of Fergusson’s History of Architecture. Author of Architecture: East and West; &c.
Temple (in part).
R. R. Reinhold Rost, C.I.E., LL.D. (1822-1896).
Secretary of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1863-1869. Librarian at the India Office, London, 1869-1893. Editor of H. H. Wilson’s Essays on the Religions of the Hindus; Hodgson’s Essays on Indian Subjects; &c.
Tamils; Thugs.
S. A. C. Stanley Arthur Cook, M.A.
Editor for the Palestine Exploration Fund. Lecturer in Hebrew and Syriac, and formerly Fellow, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Examiner in Hebrew and Aramaic, London University, 1904-1908. Author of Glossary of Aramaic Inscriptions; The Laws of Moses and Code of Hammurabi; Critical Notes on Old Testament History; Religion of Ancient Palestine; &c.
S. Bl. Sigfus Blöndal.
Librarian of the University of Copenhagen.
Thomsen, Grímur; Thóroddsen, Jón.
St G. L. F.-P. St George Lane Fox-Pitt, M.R.A.S.
Associate of King’s College, London. Treasurer and Vice-President of the Moral Education League and the International Moral Education Congress.
Theosophy: Oriental.
St G. S. St George Stock, M.A.
Pembroke College, Oxford. Lecturer in Greek in the University of Birmingham.
Therapeutae; Tobit, The Book of.
S. K. Sten Konow, Ph.D.
Professor of Indian Philology in the University of Christiania. Officier de l’Académie Française. Author of Stamavidhana Brahmana; &c.
Tibeto-Burman Languages.
S. N. Simon Newcomb, D.Sc., LL.D.
See the biographical article: Newcomb, Simon.
Time, Standard.
T. As. Thomas Ashby, M.A., Litt.D.
Director of the British School of Archaeology at Rome. Formerly Scholar of Christ Church, Oxford. Craven Fellow, 1897. Conington Prizeman, 1906. Member of the imperial German Archaeological Institute. Author of The Classical Topography of the Roman Campagna.
Suessula; Sulci; Surrentum; Sutri; Sybaris; Syracuse (in part); Taormina; Taranto; Tarentum; Tarquinii; Teggiano; Tergeste; Termini Imerese; Terracina; Tharros; Thurii; Tibur; Tiburtina, Via; Ticinum.
T. A. A. Thomas Andrew Archer, M.A.
Author of The Crusade of Richard I.; &c.
Templars (in part).
T. A. C. Timothy Augustine Coghlan, I.S.O.
Agent-General for New South Wales. Government Statistician, New South Wales, 1886-1905. Honorary Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. Author of Wealth and Progress of New South Wales; Statislical Account of Australia and New Zealand, &c.
Tasmania: Geography, Statistics and History.
T. de L. A. Terrien de Lacouperie, Litt.D.
Formerly Professor of Indo-Chinese at University College, London.
Tiber (in part).
T. H. Thomas Hodgkin, D.C.L., Litt.D.
See the biographical article: Hodgkin, Thomas.
T. H. H.* Sir Thomas Hungerford Holdich, K.C.M.G., K.C.I.E., D.Sc.
Superintendent of Frontier Surveys, India, 1892-1898. Gold Medallist, R.G.S., London, 1887. Author of The Indian Borderland; The Countries of the King’s Award; India; Tibet.
Tibet (in part).
T. H. W. T. Hudson Williams.
Professor of Greek in the University College of North Wales, Bangor.
Theognis of Megara.
T. L. B. Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton, Bart., M.D., Sc.D., LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.C.P.
Consulting Physician to St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. Author of Modern Therapeutics; Therapeutics of the Circulation; &c.
T. L. H. Sir Thomas Little Heath, K.C.B., Sc.D.
Assistant Secretary to the Treasury, London. Formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Author of Apollonius of Perga; Treatise on Conic Sections; The Thirteen Books of Euclid’s Elements; &c.
Theodosius of Tripolis.
T. M. L. Rev. Thomas Martin Lindsay, M.A., D.D.
Principal and Professor of Church History, United Free Church College, Glasgow. Author of Life of Luther; &c.
Thomas à Kempis.
T. R. R. S. Rev. Thomas Roscoe Rede Stebbing, M.A., F.R.S., F.L.S., F.Z.S.
Fellow of King’s College, London. Hon. Fellow, formerly Fellow and Tutor, of Worcester College, Oxford. Zoological Secretary of the Linnaean Society, 1903-1907. Author of A History of Crustacea; The Naturalist of Cumbrae; &c.
T. Se. Thomas Seccombe, M.A.
Balliol College, Oxford. Lecturer in History, East London and Birkbeck Colleges, University of London. Stanhope Prizeman, Oxford, 1887. Assistant Editor of the Dictionary of National Biography, 1891-1901. Author of 'The Age of Johnson; &c.
Swift, Jonathan (in part); Tichborne Claimant.
V. W. Ch. Valentine Walbran Chapman.
Sugar: Sugar Manufacture (in part).
W. Ay. Wilfrid Airy, M.Inst.C.E.
Sometime Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge. Technical adviser to the Standards Department of the Board of Trade. Author of Levelling and Geodesy; &c.
W. A. B. C. Rev. William Augustus Brevoort Coolidge, M.A., F.R.G.S., Ph.D.
Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. Professor of English History, St David’s College, Lampeter, 1880-1881. Author of Guide du Haut Dauphiné; The Range of the Todi; Guide to Grindelwald; Guide to Switzerland; The Alps in Nature and in History; &c. Editor of the Alpine Journal, 1880-1881; &c.
Switzerland: Geography, Government, &c., History and Literature; Tell, William; Thun (Town); Thun, Lake of; Thurgau; Ticino (Canton); Tirol; Toggenburg, The.
W. A. P. Walter Alison Phillips, M.A.
Formerly Exhibitioner of Merton College and Senior Scholar of St John’s College, Oxford. Author of Modern Europe; &c.
Surplice: Church of England; Templars (in part); Titles of Honour.
W. B.* William Burton, M.A., F.C.S.
Chairman of the Joint Committee of Pottery Manufacturers of Great Britain. Author of English Stoneware and Earthenware; &c.
Terra-cotta (in part); Tile.
W. B. B. W. Baker Brown.
Lieut.-Colonel, Commanding Royal Engineers at Malta.
Submarine Mines.
W. B. S.* William Barclay Squire, M.A., F.S.A., F.R.G.S.
Assistant in charge of Printed Music, British Museum. Hon. Secretary of the Purcell Society. Formerly Musical Critic of the Westminster Gazette, the Saturday Review and the Globe.
Thomas, Arthur Goring.
W. E. Co. Rt. Rev. William Edward Collins, D.D.
Bishop of Gibraltar. Formerly Professor of Ecclesiastical History, King’s College, London. Lecturer at Selwyn and St John’s Colleges, Cambridge. Author of The Study of Ecclesiastical History; Beginnings of English Christianity; &c.
Tait, Archbishop; Testamentum Domini.
W. F. C. William Feilden Craies, M.A.
Barrister-at-Law, Inner Temple. Lecturer on Criminal Law, King’s College, London. Editor of Archbold’s Criminal Pleading (23rd edition).
Summary Jurisdiction; Summons; Sunday (Law).
W. G. F. William George Freeman.
Joint-author of Nature Teaching; The World’s Commercial Products; &c. Joint-editor of Science Progress in the Twentieth Century.
W. Hy. William Henry.
Founder and Chief Secretary to the Royal Life Saving Society. Associate of the Order of St John of Jerusalem. Joint-author of Swimming (Badminton Library) &c.
W. H. F. Sir William Henry Flower, F.R.S.
See the biographical article: Flower, Sir W. H.
Tapir (in part); Tiger (in part).
W. H. P. Walter Herries Pollock, M.A.
Trinity College, Cambridge. Editor of the Saturday Review, 1883-1894. Author of Lectures on French Poets; Impressions of Henry Irving; &c.
W. J. B. Rev. William Jackson Brodribb, M.A.
Formerly Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge, and Rector of Wootton-Rivers, Wilts.
Tacitus (in part).
W. L.* Walter Lehmann, M.D.
Directorial Assistant of the Royal Ethnographical Museum, Munich. Conducted Exploring Expedition in Mexico and Central America, 1907-1909. Author of publications on Mexican and Central American Archaeology.
W. McD. William McDougall, M.A.
Wilde Reader in Mental Philosophy in the University of Oxford. Formerly Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge.
W. M. R. William Michael Rossetti.
See the biographical article: Rossetti, Dante Gabriel.
Tintoretto; Titian.
W. M. Ra. Sir William Mitchell Ramsay, Litt.D., D.C.L.
See the biographical article: Ramsay, Sir W. Mitchell.
W. N. S. William Napier Shaw, M.A., LL.D., D.Sc., F.R.S.
Director of the Meteorological Office. Reader in Meteorology in the University of London. President of Permanent International Meteorological Committee. Member of Meteorological Council, 1897-1905. Hon. Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Fellow of Emmanuel College, 1877~1906; Senior Tutor, 1890-1899. Joint Author of Text-Book of Practical Physics; &c.
W. P. A. Lieut.-Colonel William Patrick Anderson, M.Inst.C.E.. F.R.G.S.
Chief-Engineer, Department of Marine and Fisheries of Canada. Member of the Geographical Board of Canada. Past President of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers.
Superior: Lake.
W. Ri. William Ridgeway, M.A., D.Sc., Litt.D.
Disney Professor of Archaeology, and Brereton Reader in Classics, in the University of Cambridge. Fellow of Gonville and Caius College. Fellow of the British Academy. President of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 1908. Author of The Early Age of Greece; &c.
Thrace: Ancient Peoples.
W. R. S. William Robertson Smith, LL.D.
See the biographical article: Smith, W. Robertson.
Teraphim (in part).
W. Sh. William Sharp.
See the biographical article: Sharp, William.
Thoreau, Henry David.
W. S. R. William Smyth Rockstro.
Author of A Great History of Music from the Infancy of the Greek Drama to the Present Period; &c.
Tallis, Thomas.
W. W. R.* William Walker Rockwell, Lic.Theol.
Assistant Professor of Church History, Union Theological Seminary, New York.
Toledo, Councils of.
W. Y. S. William Young Sellar, LL.D.
See the biographical article: Sellar, William Young.
Terence (in part).


Succession Duty.
Succinic Acid.
Suez Canal.
Suffolk, Earls and Dukes of.
Sulphonic Acids.
Surgical Instruments and Appliances.

Sussex, Earls of.
Sutherland, Earls and Dukes of.
Swithun, St.
Sydney (N.S.W.).
Syracuse (New York).

Test Acts.

Tierra del Fuego.

  1. A complete list, showing all individual contributors, appears in the final volume