1922 Encyclopædia Britannica/Artsibashev, Mikhail Petrovich

ARTSIBASHEV, MIKHAIL PETROVICH (1878-), Russian novelist, was born in South Russia Oct. 18 1878. His family was of Tartar descent, and on the mother's side he was a great-grandson of Kosciusko. He at first followed an artistic career, and attained some fame as a caricaturist, but subsequently began writing short stories, followed by novels. In 1912 he was imprisoned for several months by the Imperial Government as a revolutionary.

His collected works were published in Moscow in 10 vols., 1912-7, and contain: — Razskazi (Tales); U poslednei chertiy (At the Extreme Limit, translated into English as The Breaking Point, 1915); Zakon dikarya (The Law of a Misanthrope); Revnost (Jealousy); Voina (War, translated into English 1918 under the same title) and Sanin (translated into English as Sanine, 1915).