1922 Encyclopædia Britannica/Duncan, Sara Jeannette

Duncan, Sara Jeannette, Mrs. Everard Cotes (1861–), British-Canadian author, was born at Brantford, Can., in 1861, the daughter of Charles Duncan, merchant, and married Everard Cotes, Anglo-Indian journalist, late managing-director of the Eastern News Agency, in 1890. She began her literary work as a journalist in connexion with the Washington Post and afterwards the Toronto Globe and Montreal Star, contributing to the latter letters from Japan and the East, afterwards republished as A Social Departure (1890). During her long residence with her husband in India she made a considerable reputation as a novelist of Anglo-Indian life, notably in His Honour and a Lady (1896); Set in Authority (1906); The Burnt Offering (1909) and The Pool in the Desert, a volume of short stories (1903). Her lighter work includes A Voyage of Consolation (1898); Those Delightful Americans (1902) and His Royal Happiness (1915), dramatized and produced in London March 1919. She also wrote The Imperialist (1904), a Canadian novel.