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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Ch'u Sui-liang

494 Ch'u Sui-liang 褚遂良 (T. 登善). A.D. 596-658. An official who rose to high office under the first Emperor of the T'ang dynasty. Appointed Guardian of the Heir Apparent, he continued to enjoy the favour of the young Emperor, who ennobled him as Duke. In A.D. 655 he strenuously opposed the elevation of the Empress Wu Hou, to the great dissatisfaction of the Emperor. The climax was reached when in full Court dress he flung himself at the foot of the throne, and beat his head in obeisance upon the ground until the blood flowed freely. He was dismissed to a provincial post and finally banished to Korea where he died, his two sons being shortly afterwards put to death. In later years he took up with Buddhism, and is said to have sat in a niche with an image of Maitrêya Buddha. He was famous as a calligraphist, and is regarded as a disciple of Wang Hsi-chih.