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A Copy of Verses Composed by Capt. Henry Every now gone to Sea to Seek his Fortune

For other versions of this work, see A Copy of Verses, Composed by Captain Henry Every.

Come all you brave Boyes whose Courage is Bold
Will you venture with me and I'le glut you with Gold
Make hast into Coruña a Ship you will finde
Now called the Fancy which will pleasure yr minde

Capt. Every is in her he Calls Her his owne
H'eel Box her about before he has done
French Spaniards the Portugueses, the Heathen Likewise
Hee has made a Warr with untill he Dies

Her Modle like Wax & she sailes like the Wind
Shee is Rigged & fitted and curiously Trimm'd
And has all things Convenient for his Designe
God Bless his poor Fancy shee is Bound for the minde

Faire Plymouth farewell and Cat Downe be Damn'd
I once was part Owner of most of that Land.
But as I am dissolved so I will abdicate
My Person from England to attend on my Fate

Then away from this Frigid and Temporate Zone
To One thats more Torrid you'l hear I am gone.
With 150 Brave Sparks of this Age
And fully resolved their foes to Engage

Those Northern parts are not Thrifty for me
I'le raise the Antorticke which some Men shall see
I am not afraid to let the World know
That to the South Seas & at Persia w'eel go

Our Names shall be Blazon'd and spread thro the Sky
And many a Place I hope to Descry.
Where ever one Englishman never was seen
Nor any Proud Dutchman Can say he has been.

My Commission is Large for I have made it my Self
And the Capston shall stretch full Larger by halfe
It was Dated in Coruña beleive it my freind
From the Year Ninety Three to the Worlds End

I honour St George & his Coullours I weare
Good Quarters I give but no Nation I spare
The World must assist me with what I do want
I'le give them my Bill when Mony is scant

Now this do I say and Solemnly Sweare
He that strikes to St George the Better shall fare
But he that refuses shall sudenly Spie
Strange Collours aboard of my Fancy to Flye.

Four Cheveralls of Gold in a Bloody Feild
Invironed with Green now this is my Sheild
Yet Call but for Quarters before you do see
A Bloody Flagg out which is our Decree

Noe Quarters to give no Quarters to Take
Wee save nothing living alas its too Late
For wee are all sworne by ye Bread & Wine
Most Serious wee are as any Divine

Now this is the Course I intend for to steere
My false hearted Nation to you I declare
I have done thee no wronge thou may'st me forgive
For the Sword Shall maintaine me so Long as I Live.

This work was published before January 1, 1924, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.