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CLÉMENT, Felix, born at Paris Jan. 13, 1822, composer, and writer on musical history and archaeology. His most important published compositions are choruses for Racine's 'Athalie' and 'Esther.' For several years he contributed largely to Didron's 'Annales archéologiques,' thus preparing himself for his 'Histoire génerale de la Musique religieuse' (Paris, 1861), in which are included translations from Cardinal Bona's treatise 'De divina Psalmodia' and Formby's 'Gregorian chant compared to modern music.' He has edited several books of religious music for the Roman church, such as 'Eucologe en musique selon le rit parisien' (Paris, 1843 and 1851); 'Le Paroissien romain' (Paris, 1854); and 'Chants de la Sainte Chapelle.' His 'Méthode compléte de Plain-Chant' does not contain anything new, but is clear and orderly. His 'Méthode d'orgue' exhibits a moderate knowledge of thorough bass and fugue. M. Clément's most useful compilation is his 'Dictionnaire lyrique,' a convenient list of operas on the plan of Allacci's 'Drammaturgia,' compiled from Babault's 'Dictionnaire géneral des Théâtres' and similar works, not without occasional errors and omissions. Two supplementary parts have been issued, bringing the work down to 1873. He has also published 'Les Musicians célèbres depuis le 16ème siecle' (Paris, 1868, 42 portraits). [App. p.594 "date of death, Jan. 23, 1885."]

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