A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Kleinmichel, Richard

KLEINMICHEL, Richard, born at Posen. Dec. 31, 1846, received his first instruction from his father, and at an early age appeared in public as a pianist. He afterwards completed his studies at the Leipzig Conservatorium, and settled at Hamburg, where he published many works of some importance, mostly for his own instrument. His second orchestral symphony was given at the Gewandhaus at Leipzig with success. In that town he held for some time the position of Capellmeister at the Stadttheater, and subsequently held similar posts at Danzig and Magdeburg, where he now resides. His first opera, 'Manon,' was successfully produced at the last two places as well as at Hamburg. He has lately completed another opera, 'Der Pfeifer von Dusenbach.' He has also made 'simplified' arrangements of the pianoforte scores of Wagner's later works.
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