A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Planquette, Robert

PLANQUETTE, Robert, born in Paris, July 31, 1850; passed rapidly through the Conservatoire, and first appeared as a composer of songs and chansonettes for the Café-concerts. Encouraged by the popularity accorded to the bold rhythm and slightly vulgar melody of these songs, he rose to operettas,—'Valet de cour,' 'Le Serment de Mme. Grégoire,' and 'Paille d'avoine.' The decided progress evinced by this piece was confirmed by 'Les Cloches de Corneville,' a 3-act operetta, produced with immense success at the Folies dramatiques on April 19, 1877, adapted to the English stage by Farnie and Reece, and brought out at the Folly Theatre, London, Feb. 23, 1878, with equally extraordinary good fortune. Planquette has since composed and published 'Le Chevalier Gaston,' 1 act (Monte Carlo, Feb. 8, 1879), and 'Les Voltigeurs de la 32me.' 3 acts (Théâtre de la Renaissance, Jan. 7, 1880). It is to be hoped that he will aim higher than he has hitherto done, and add refinement to his undoubted gift of melody.

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