A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Seidl, Anton

SEIDL, Anton, born May 7, 1850, at Pesth, was entered as a pupil at the Leipzig Conservatorium in Oct. 1870. Early in 1872 he went to Bayreuth, and was there employed by Wagner to make the first copy of the score of the Nibelungen tetralogy. He also assisted at the festival in Aug. 1876. In 1879, through Wagner's recommendation, he obtained the post of conductor at the Leipzig Opera House, and retained it until 1882, when he went upon a long tour through Germany, Holland, England, Italy, etc. in the capacity of conductor of Angelo Neumann's 'Nibelungen' opera troupe. The performances were not altogether faultless: it is true that the vocalists were good, but the great music drama was reproduced in a sadly mutilated condition. Yet Seidl proved himself to be an energetic conductor, and was personally successful. In 1883 he became conductor at the Bremen Opera House. Early in 1885 he married the well-known soprano singer, Frl. Kraus, and in September of that year accepted the post of conductor at the New York German Opera House, which post he has now satisfactorily filled for three successive seasons.

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