A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon/Noah (II)

NOAH. An early Jaredite leader, the son of Corihor and the father of Cohor. Noah rebelled against king Shule, and against his own father, drawing from their allegiance all his brothers and many of the people. When sufficiently strong, he attacked and defeated Shule, and took possession and reigned over the land of the Jaredites' first inheritance, probably Moron, (near the land known to the Nephites as Desolation). A second time he attacked Shule, defeated and captured him, and carried him to Moron. It was Noah's intention to put Shule to death, but before he could do so some of the sons of Shule crept into the house of Noah by night and slew him. They then broke down the door of the prison in which their father was confined, liberated him and restored him to his throne, while Cohor reigned over that portion of the land originally conquered by his father, Noah. (Ether, 7:20.)