A First Series of Hymns and Songs/Descriptive Songs/A-Hunting we will go

For works with similar titles, see A-Hunting We Will Go.

From Fielding's play Don Quixote in England.

22. A-Hunting we will go.

The dusky night rides down the sky,
And ushers in the morn;
The hounds all join in glorious cry,
The huntsman winds his horn.
Chorus—Then a hunting we will go, &c.

Sly Reynard, he like lightning flies,
His cunning's wide awake;
To gain the race he eager tries,
His forfeit life the stake.
When a hunting we do go, &c.

Away he goes, he flies, the rout
Their steeds all spur and switch;
Some are thrown in, and some thrown out,
And some lie in the ditch.
But a hunting we will go, &c.

But now his strength to faintness worn,
The hounds have seized their prey;
Then hungry, homewards we return,
To hunt another day,
When a hunting we will go, &c.