A Highland Regiment/Neil's Song

                          From " The Later Wooing "

NOW the day is growing old
  And the shadows pace
Slower now, and now more cold
  O'er the water's face.
When my heart is ebbing low
  With the ebbing tide,
When the happy visions go,
  Why should life abide ?

Now with whispers from the sea
  The little winds go by
Moaning, moaning hopelessly
  That the day should die.
When the hours of memory fill
  All my heart with pain.
When my dreams go down the hill
  Why should life remain ?

Now the world is burning out
  Mountain, glen and sea.
From their barrows all about
  The dead are calling me.
When my hope is flown and dead
  With my love of you.
When the heart of life is fled,
  Shall not life go too ?