A Highland Regiment/The Lost Lands

"OH where are the old kingdoms,
  Where is the ancient way.
And the remembered city
  Where once I used to play ? "
" You stand within the kingdom,
  You walk the city's street,
And still there throng about you
  The folk you used to meet."

" Where are the merry voices
  And laughter trouble-free.
And where are my old comrades
  That used to play with me ? "
" Their merry voices call you
  But you will not reply.
They touch your hand in welcome,
  But now you pass them by."

" Where is my love departed
  With her delightful eyes.
And heart too free for sorrow,
  And lips too proud for sighs ? "
" Along the road beside you
  Your true love walks and near,
But she may call for ever.
  And you will never hear."

Oxford, 1915