A Naval Biographical Dictionary/Preston, William

PRESTON. (Captain, 1841. f-p., 22; h-p., 14.)

William Preston is second son of Admiral Preston.

This officer entered the Navy, 1 Jan. 1811, as Fst.-cl. Vol., on board the Venus frigate, Capt. Kenneth Mackenzie, with whom he served in the North Sea and West Indies until Feb. 1815, the last two years in the capacity of Midshipman. During the eight following years we find him employed on the Home and North American stations in the Scamander and Eridanus frigates, Capts. Gilbert Heathcote and Wm. King, Grasshopper 18, Capts. Henry Forbes and David Buchan, Sir Francis Drake frigate, Capt. John Bowker, Carnation sloop, Capt. Roger Hall, Newcastle and Salisbury, flag-ships of Rear-Admirals Edw. Griffith and Wm. Chas. Fahie, and Atholl 28, Capt. Henry Bourchier. He was then, 8 Jan. 1822, nominated Acting-Lieutenant to the Doterell 18, Capt. Rich. Hoare, to which vessel, also stationed in North America, he was confirmed 22 March following. He returned home in July of the same year, and was subsequently appointed – 24 Jan. 1826, to the Success 28, Capt. Jas. Stirling, fitting for the East Indies – and, 25 Nov. 1828, as First, to the Sulphur 8, Capt. Wm. Townsend Dance, in which vessel he continued employed on particular service until the close of 1832. Attaining the rank of Commander 28 Dec. 1833, he was appointed in that capacity, 13 Nov. 1837, to the Electra 18, on the South American station; where he became, in April, 1839, Second-Captain of the Stag 46, Capt. Thos. Ball Sulivan, He was advanced, soon after the paying off of the latter ship, to his present rank 11 Aug. 1841; and has not been since employed. Capt. Preston married, 23 Oct. 1833, Hamilla Mary, youngest daughter of Jas. Mangles, Esq., M.P. for Woodbridge, by whom he has issue. Agents – Hallett and Robinson.