A Poem of Letitia Elizabeth Landon (L. E. L.) in Juvenile Keepsake, 1830/The Mariner’s Child



Oh, weep no more, sweet mother,
Oh, weep no more to-night;—
And only watch the sea, mother,
Beneath the morning light.

Then the bright blue sky is joyful,
And the bright blue sky is clear,
And I can see, sweet mother,
To kiss away your tear.

But now the wind goes wailing
O'er the dark and trackless deep,
And I know your grief, sweet mother,
Tho' I only hear you weep.

My father's ship will come, mother.
In safety o'er the main;
When the grapes are dyed with purple,
He will be back again.

The vines were but in blossom
When he bade me watch them grow,
And now the large leaves, mother,
Conceal their crimson glow.

He'll bring us shells and sea-weed,
And birds of shining wing;
But what are these, dear mother?
It is himself he'll bring.

Our beautiful Madonna*
Will mark how you have wept,
The prayers of early morning,
The vigils you have kept.

She will guide his stately vessel,
Though the sea be dark and drear,
Another week of sunshine,—
My father will be here.

I'll watch with thee, sweet mother,
But the stars fade from my sight,
Come, come and sleep, dear mother,
Oh, weep no more to-night.

* Alluding to the Hymns to the Virgin.