A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/ṳn


ṳn623616 Favor, grace, mercy, kindness; benefits, obligations; imperial favor; charitable; compassionate; to oblige, to show favor to; partial to; heartfelt.
ṳn-hŭi; grace. i kám i kâi ṳn; she excites his compassion. i sĭ bûang ṳn hŭ ngĭ kâi nâng; he is an ingrateful reprobate. khai ṳn; show mercy. cía sĭ ṳn-tíen khṳt i; this is showing him unmerited favor. i cò̤-nî ṳn ciang chiu pò̤? Why does he requite good with evil? cêng sĭu kùe i kâi ṳn; have experienced his kindness. sĭ i kâi tăi-ṳn-jîn; it is his benefactor. ŭ ṳn-cêk kîp peh-sèⁿ; has conferred great benefits upon the people. pò̤ i kâi ṳn; requite his kindness. sīa ṳn; show gratitude for favors. pò̤-tap sín ṳn; recompense divine favors. cí kâi ṳn tōa jû thiⁿ; this obligation cannot be expressed; the favor is great as the heavens. hûang ṳn; imperial favor. in ang cía ṳn-ài căi; they, the husband and wife, are very kind to each other. cía sĭ i kâi ṳn kong; this is his praiseworthy charity. môk ṳn tĭ-cṳ́; shower blessings on his followers.
ṳ́n1102441 A director or overseer of other officers.
hú-ṳ́n; the Mayor of the Capital, a high officer whose jurisdiction is independent of the provincial governor, and restricted within the metropolitan prefecture. hú-ṳ́n pí kak séⁿ kâi hú tōa ho̤h cōi; the office of Mayor of the Capital is much higher than that of the provincial officers. seng-kiaⁿ ŭ cêk kâi hŏng-thien hú-ṳ́n; the Manchu capital has a mayor of the same rank as the mayor of Peking. i pat cò̤ kùe sŭn-thien hú-ṳu; he has been Mayor of Peking.
ṳ́n110317014 Retired; screened; covered; in private life; to keep out of view.
ṳ́n kṳ suaⁿ lîm; to dwell in seclusion in the country. ṳ́n sṳ̆; a retired scholar, one never in office. ṳ́n gṳ́; an eliptical sentence. i ṳ́n-châng khì; she is very reticent. ṳ́n-ṳ́n thóiⁿ kìⁿ ŭ nâng lâi; made out with difficulty to perceive some person approaching. ṳ́n-ṳ́n thóiⁿ kìⁿ; saw indistinctly as in twilight or in thick fog. i ŏi ēng ṳ́n sin huap, sái kàu nâng thóiⁿ m̄ kìⁿ i; he knows how to apply the rules for rendering one's self invisible, so that people do not perceive him.