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A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/aⁿ

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— aⁿ —

aⁿ1088648 To cover; to hide from view; to screen.
aⁿ mâk; to hoodwink. aⁿ mâk cáu tìam; "hide and seek." aⁿ mâk, phìen phīⁿ; to throw dust in one's eyes; to thoroughly deceive, aⁿ nâng kâi chùi, aⁿ căi tit mi? How can people's mouths be stopped? aⁿ mīn; hide the face. aⁿ hĭⁿ; cover the ears with the hands. aⁿ phīⁿ; hold the nose. kúi aⁿ mâk; preternaturally blind. aⁿ m̄ cŭ; not effectually closed. chit phìⁿ aⁿ m̄ cŭ; all the doors are not simultaneously shut. aⁿ mi-mi, bô̤ nâng cai; concealed from every body's cognizance, aⁿ m̄ lī; irrepressible.

àⁿ11496418 To hold in the arms or lap; to snuggle.
àⁿ a-nôⁿ; snuggle a baby. àⁿ i tó̤ ût; rock him to sleep. tîeh àⁿ i, cìaⁿ ŏi ût; you must snuggle him then he will sleep. àⁿ hó̤-hó̤, màiⁿ kiaⁿ tîeh i; hold him nicely, and do not startle him. àⁿ tŏ̤ sin piⁿ; hugged close. àⁿ kàu sie-sie; cuddled up warm.

àⁿ15294 To sit on eggs, to incubate; to hover over; to lie perdue.
koi-bó̤ àⁿ koi-kíaⁿ; the hen covers the chickens. àⁿ tŏ̤ i sît ĕ; covered under her wings. koi-bó̤ tó̤ àⁿ n̆ng; the hen is sitting. ēng àⁿ jîeh kú cìaⁿ ŏi chut koi-kíaⁿ? How long must she sit in order to hatch out the chickens? n̆ng khah cōi, ŏi àⁿ m̄ câu a bŏi? If there be too many eggs, won't they fail to be uniformly warmed by her sitting on them? khîeh kâi ah-n̆ng khṳt i àⁿ; get a duck's egg and put it under her.

âⁿ4531818 To exhort to peace; to separate those who are fighting; to part combatants.
īa m̄ sĭ i lâi âⁿ, tîeh khṳt i phah sí khṳ̀; if he had not come and separated us, I should have been beaten to death by him. i lâi âⁿ i khui; he came and separated them. bô̤ nâng khéng khṳ̀ âⁿ i; no one would go and interfere in the fray. i kìe-sĭ i âⁿ phiⁿ, kŭa khṳ̀ âⁿ kâi nâng to khṳt i phah; he complains that he evinced partiality in his interference, taking hold of one in such a way as to let the other beat him. âⁿ m̄ chái; paid no heed to the attempt to make them stop fighting.

ăⁿ571045 A bruise; a swelling caused by a blow or knock which does not break the skin.
céng kâi ăⁿ khí lâi; phû kâi ăⁿ; a swelling arose. pûah kàu kâi ăⁿ; fell and bumped it so that it swelled up. cŭang kàu kâi ăⁿ; bumped it and caused it to swell. cí kâi ăⁿ sĭ khṳt nâng phah tîeh a sĭ cŭang tîeh? Is this swelling caused by a blow or by a bump? kâi ăⁿ, o-cheⁿ kek hueh; a black and blue swelling.

āⁿ2021848 The fruit or meat filling in pastry; the core of cakes or dumplings.
tîam āⁿ; sweet pies. kîam āⁿ; cakes filled with hashed meat and vegetables. pau āⁿ kai píaⁿ; cakes having a stuffing of fruit, etc. tāu-sa ⁿāⁿ; a core of mashed beans. sò̤-tāu āⁿ; a core made of bean flour. cût-bí āⁿ; a core of glutinous rice. tṳ-nêk āⁿ; a core of hashed pork. lêk-tāu āⁿ; a core of green peas. kúe āⁿ; píaⁿ āⁿ; the stuffing in cakes. hṳ́ tói pau āⁿ; there is stuffing enclosed in it. bô̤ āⁿ kâi pau, kìe-cò̤ sît-sim pau; dumplings that have no stuffing are called solid dumplings. āⁿ pau khah pá; there is too much stuffing in the dumpling. āⁿ bōi pá; there is too little stuffing. phûe khah pô̤h, i kâi āⁿ cū kiuh chut lâi; if the paste is too thin the filling will burst out.