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A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/aiⁿ


àiⁿ1139767 To desire, to wish, to long for; about to, ready to, on the point of.
lṳ́ àiⁿ a m̆? Do you want it or not? i àiⁿ, úa m̆; he wants to but I will not. àiⁿ li àiⁿ, bŏi tit tîeh; as for wanting it I want it, but I cannot have it. sĭ úa sim só̤ àiⁿ; it is what my heart desires. m̄-àiⁿ; màiⁿ; does not want it. i cha-m̄-to̤ àiⁿ lâi; he is about to come. i ciang àiⁿ khṳ̀; he is about to go. lṳ́ àiⁿ tńg-khṳ̀ có-ke a būe? Are you going to return to you native land yet? i àiⁿ cò̤; he is going to make it. i tàⁿ i àiⁿ khṳ̀; he said he should go. úa àiⁿ lâi khîeh; I will come and get it. i àiⁿ mih kâi? What does he want? i àiⁿ khí chù; he is going to build a house. i phien-phien àiⁿ; he is bent upon it. i ngĕ àiⁿ; he fixedly desires it. i cwn àiⁿ cìeⁿ-seⁿ cò̤ ; he especially wishes it to be made thus. i kù-ì aiⁿ lâi; he is set upon coming. i kâi sim lăi sĭ àiⁿ, chùi m̄ káⁿ tàⁿ; he desires it in his heart, but dare not say so. àiⁿ mē? Do you wish to?