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A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/chiam

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— chiam —

chiam98111817 Bamboo slips upon which names or characters are written, used for drawing lots, or in consulting oracnlar tables.
chiam tâng pit kè; a box for slips, and a pen rack. thiu ki chiam; draw out a lot. gê-chiam khí-thak; an ivory tooth-pick. cìe pôih chiam; according to the lot drawn. thâu chiam; the lot which indicates who is to take the lead. cuaⁿ chiam; assign by lot. siah kúi ki tek chiam; whittle out some bamboo slips to use in drawing lots. khîu chiam mn̄g phok; divine by drawing slips on which characters are written. cài khîeh chiam; drew again. siu chiam; take the tallies. chiam si; the oracular answer corresponding with the number on the slip drawn. húe chiam; an urgent warrant. kâi nâng cip cêk ki chiam; each took a slip.

chiam98111813 To sign ones name.
chiam mîaⁿ; to subscribe one's name. chiam-jī; a circular. chiam ap; to affix a mark. chiam ap pâng; a marking office. chiam ap to̤h; the table where seals or signatures are affixed.

chiam981911 To canvass for names of people who will join in a general movement, or sign a petition to government; the general opinion.
chiam tōa-bó̤-mûeh nâng khṳ̀ pó̤ i; a great number of persons agreed together to go and bail him out. i tieⁿ kong-tîaⁿ chiam ŭ jîeh cōi nâng? How many persons signed the appeal? cīeⁿ jît chiam i pńg to kâi nâng khṳ̀ pó̤ li, pó̤ m̄ chut: taⁿ chiam tăi cèng kâi nâng khṳ̀ pó̤, cóng ŏi tit chut; some time ago they got the people of his own neighborhood to join in an appeal for his release, but did not thus succeed in setting him at liberty: now they have got the general public to unite in asking for his liberation and he is set free.

chìam980916 To arrogate to one's self.
chìam ūi; to aspire to the throne. chìam hūn; to overstep one's powers. chìam cheng cò̤ ûang; arrogates to himself the title of king. chìam hō̤; arrogates to himself a title. cìa khah kùe chìam! This is too presuming!

chîam9828512 In seclusion.
chîam lêng m̄-hó̤ ēng; a concealed dragon is of no use; (and so is a talented man who is kept in retirement). pĭ mn̂g chîam siu; to reform in retirement. tŏng sek, pue chîam kâi mûeh lóng-cóng sĭ i cău kâi; all things, whether moving or quiescent whether flying or lying perdue, were made by him.

chīam734758 In serried ranks, groups or clusters.
ke-húe chīam-chīam; the weapons were ranged regularly. suaⁿ-hong chīam-chīam; the hills rise in numerous peaks. chieⁿ to̤ pái kàu chīam-chīam; spears and swords ranged in serried ranks. sang pôiⁿ pái-lîet kàu chīam-chīam; ranged in ranks on either side. hue khui kàu cêk ki cêk ki chīam-chīam, ngía căi; the plant blossoms in separate clusters of flowers, beautifully disposed. kî cêk ki cêk ki pái kàu chīam chīam; the flags were arranged at equal distances apart in regular rows.