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A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/chit

— chit —

chit98711 Seven.
chit-câp; seventy. câp-chit; seventeen. tŏiⁿ chit jît; on the seventh day. chit tien poih táu; at sixes and sevens. chit khá-tô; a Chinese puzzle of seven pieces. cò̤ chit; to attend to the funeral rites of each seventh day till the forty-ninth day, after which the burial takes place.

chit768646 To wipe with a dry cloth.
chit ta; wipe dry. chit mâk-cap; wipe away tears. chit tīo eng-têng; wipe off the dust. chit phīⁿ; wipe the nose. thau cîah m̄ cai chit chùi; purloin edibles and forget to wipe the mouth after eating them. chit tīo nah-sap; wipe off the dirt. khîeh mīn-pò lâi chit; get a towel and wipe it.

彳亍chît-chôk73 The motion of walking.
chît-chôk-kìe; the clatter of feet, chît-chît chôk-chôk kìe tùi cí-kò̤ kùe; went clattering past here. màiⁿ kîaⁿ kàu chît-chôk-kìe; do not walk noisily. chît-chît chôk-chôk; to scamper.