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A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/ciap

— ciap —

ciap975648 To receive; to succeed to; to connect; to splice; contiguous.
sie ciap; to join by splicing. ciap tit khí, ciap m̄ khí; can or cannot connect them. sêng ciap; take orders for work. ciap chíu sĭ tī-tîang? Who is his successor? ciap-nâp; to welcome. ciap-cò̤ cêk kò̤; join into one piece. saⁿ ki ciap cò̤ cêk ki; join the three pieces lengthwise into one. ciap kîah-thô̤; splice the wooden heel of a woman's shoe. ciap châ ôi-tói; mend a wooden sole. ciap chīu; to graft trees. ciap kut; to set a bone. kaⁿ ciap kit kâi; oranges that are grafted upon limes. ciap chùi; to take up the tale. ĕ kúi kù ūe i ciap lô̤h khṳ̀ tàⁿ; he continued with the few following sentences. ciap saⁿ-ńg; piece down the sleeves. nâng cōi căi, sie ciap sie ciap; there are many people present, so that they are as many as have standing room. cúi kuang ciap thiⁿ; the water seems to join the sky. ciap cáng; wear a false queue. piⁿ búe so̤h àiⁿ ciap kûiⁿ a àiⁿ ciap kĕ? Will you have the silk that forms the end of the queue braided in high up or low down? khîeh ke tîo so̤h khṳ̀ ciap tn̂g cē; take another rope and splice it on. thih sĭ ēng sĭm-mih huap-cak cìaⁿ ŏi ciap tit tùe? In what way can iron be welded together? cûn thâu ciap tîeh cûn búe; the bow of one boat was tied to the stern of the other. bô̤ thang ciap sôk; there is no successor. ciap ke cêk chieh; lengthen it a foot more by splicing. tī-hng sie ciap; their lands are contiguous.

cîap976648 To win a victory, which demands quickness.
khùe cîap; spry. lîen cîap; to attain degrees at successive examinations. tît cîap; prompt. cîap pò̤; an announcement of victory. cîap-cîap tàⁿ; cîap-cîap li-li tàⁿ; loquacious. cò̤ sṳ̄ cîap-kwt; acts with promptness and decision.