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A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/coih

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— coih —

coih10328511 To sop up.
khîeh kò̤ pò khṳ̀ coih ta; take a piece of cloth and sop it up dry. ēng mîⁿ khṳ̀ coih kàu ta-ta; take some raw cotton and sop it all up dry.

cioh9741189 A festival; a period of time.
coih khi; coih hāu; stated times. sî coih; times; the terms. poih coih; the solstices, the equinoxes, and the beginnings of the four seasons. cò̤ coih; kùe coih; to keep holiday. coih kôih; the two or three days succeeding a festival. ngŵn sio coih; the 15th of the first month, called the feast of lanterns. cheng-mêng coih; clear bright weather; the time of worship at the graves of ancestors, in the second or third month. ngŏ gûeh coih; the fifth day of the fifth month, the the festival of dragon boats. chit gûeh pùaⁿ coih; the middle of the seventh month, when offerings are made to the childless spirits. tong chiu coih; the middle of the eighth month, when the moon is worshipped. tang coih; the winter solstice, in the eleventh month. nî coih; the annual festivals. tōa coih; the great festivals. sàng coih; make holiday presents. coih lói; the presents appropriate to the time; the compliments of the seasons.

côih9756210 To cut off; to intercept; to slice with a downward stroke of the knife; slices.
côih cò̤ kûeh; cut in two. màiⁿ côih tn̆g; do not cut it off. cò̤ nŏ̤ saⁿ côih; make two or three cuts of it. cīeⁿ côih ĕ côih; the upper portion and the under portion. côih lō chíeⁿ-kiap; to waylay and plunder. côih cŭ; intercept. pìn cí-kò̤ côih; cut it off from this point. côih cò̤ ku-ā tn̄g; cut it into several regular pieces. côih phìen; cut it in flakes. côih si; cut it in shreds. côih cêk cak cêk cak; cut it in sections. cí ki to̤ bŏi lāi, bô̤ mih hó̤ côih; this knife is not sharp, and is not very good to cut with. côih nêk, côih hṳ̂; to slice meat or fish. hóⁿ-thâu côih; to guillotine. côih tīo thâu; to decapitate. côih îeh; cut up drugs. cám côih; chop up. cêk to̤ côih; one style of slicing. àiⁿ côih sie tùi; slice them so that the slice will be unbroken. màiⁿ côih li; do not break the slices in the cutting. cíam-côih; smoothly cut. cíam-cíam côih-côih; concise and accurate. ūe tàⁿ lâi cíam-côih căi; the language is terse and clear. ka kàu cíam-côih cíam-côih; clean cut, with shears.