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A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/cong

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— cong —

cong1061205 All of; the utmost extreme; the end.
cong jît; all day long. cong mêⁿ; the whole night. cong-kú; forever. cong-kú tŏ̤; is eternal. cong-kú cìeⁿ-seⁿ; it is always thus. sí cong sĭ cìeⁿ-seⁿ; from beginning to end it is the same. cò̤ sṳ̄ tîeh ŭ sí ŭ cong; in doing things there must be a beginning and an end. cong sin kâi tăi sṳ̄; the greatest event in life, (marriage). lîm cong kâi sî-hāu; when near his end. nî cong sùe mŏ̤ⁿ; the end of the year. sĭen cong, bô̤ sĭen cong; a happy or an unhappy end. cong su ŏi hó̤; it will be well in the end. láu-sît cong-kú căi; the honest endures, cong nî m̄ pat thóiⁿ-kìⁿ i chìe; have not seen him laugh for a whole year. i cong jît sńg; he plays all day.

cong1021405 A clan; a tribe whose members all have the same surname and are descended from the same ancestor.
tâng cong; clansmen. cong chin; kinsmen. cong cṳ́; a lineal descendant. cong-côk tōa thái-ko̤ kah miⁿ-nūaⁿ; when the clan becomes large there are always some in it who are leprous. tăi cong-sṳ̂; the ancestral hall of the clan. móng sĭ kâi cong-sṳ̂; the ancestral temple of a certain family.

cong102315711 A vestige; a trace; a clue.
cong-ciah; vestiges. chak-thóiⁿ i kâi lâi cong khṳ̀ ciah; inquire into his doings. bô̤ cong bô̤ ciah; chŵn bô̤ cong-ciah; left no trace behind.

cong102212011 Perpendicular; downward; a meridian line.
cong hûeⁿ; up and down and across. cong hûeⁿ thiⁿ ĕ; up and down everywhere under heaven; wholly unrestricted. hâh-cong; to fall into line, to unite in concerted action. cu hô hùe hâh-cong kio i cìen; all the princes joined in fighting against him. kak kok cē hâh-cong cū m̄ phàⁿ i; if all the states range themselves under one banner and act in concert against him there is nothing to fear.

cóng102312011 To comprehend in one; altogether.
cóng-tok; the governor-general. cóng-lí; general supervision. cóng náuⁿ; including everything. cóng piaⁿ; a major-general in command of a division. cóng-kẃn; general overseer. a-cóng-kẃn; head constable, lóng-cóng; the whole of them. cóng àiⁿ lṳ́ hàuⁿ tīaⁿ; all that is lacking is your consent. tó̤ tng cóng-thâu; acts as supervisor. cóng kòi ŭ jîeh cōi? All being reckoned in, how many are there? cóng sǹg; all counted. cêk cóng ŭ jîeh cōi? What is the sum total? cêk cóng to sĭ; all are of the same sort. choiⁿ cóng; the lieutenant in a regiment. pá-cóng; an ensign. lṳ́ cóng àiⁿ; you altogether desire it. cìeⁿ-seⁿ cóng m̄ kîaⁿ; in that way it does not move on at all. cìeⁿ-seⁿ cóng ŏi tit sêng; thus it may wholly succeed. lṳ́ cóng hó̤; you are all goodness. cóng bûa; to sum up. cóng cṳ, lṳ́ àiⁿ a m̄ àiⁿ? All things being considered, do you want it or not? cóng-lí kak kok sṳ̄-bŭ gê-mn̂g; the general council for the administration of foreign affairs. cóng măuⁿ; gather up in one. cóng su; the chief clerk in a yamun.

còng102212011 To wrongfully permit; to let go; admitting that; allowing that; although.
còng-îong i; indulge him. lṳ́ sĭ còng-îong i; you connive at his doings. m̄ hó̤ kù-ì còng-îong i cìeⁿ-seⁿ; should not purposely connive at his doing thus. còng-jîen sĭ cìe-seⁿ úa īa m̄ ùi; allowing it to be so, I am still unafraid. còng-sái lṳ́ pue cĭeⁿ thiⁿ, úa īa lîah lṳ́ tit tîeh; even though you fly into the heavens, I can still catch you. còng-sái i cò̤ khṳt-cîah úa īa ngw̆n kè i; even if he were a beggar I should still be willing to marry him. còng kíaⁿ kîaⁿ hiong; permit a child to do evil. cē còng cĭu khí khṳ̀; as soon as it was let fly it went up. cang sin cē còng cĭu cĭeⁿ lâu téng; gave one spring and mounted to the upper floor.

còng10223 To suit; to fit; to hit.
cí kĭaⁿ mûeh cū còng úa kâi ì; this thing just meets my wishes. cía sĭ i sĭang còng i kâi; this accords perfectly with his ideas.

cŏng1024608 A follower; an attendant.
sûi-cŏng; attendants. put hun síu cŏng; makes no distinction between chief and follower. cŏng sîn; an attendant on the gods. cŏng-ok; outhouses.