A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/hak

— hak —

hak18515910 To guide and govern.
kẃn-hak; to control. kẃn-hâk i m̄ tîo; cannot govern him. hak ĕ ŭ jîeh cōi nâng? How many are there under his authority? i sĭ i hak ĕ kâi nâng; he is under his authority. bô̤ nâng kwn bô̤ nâng hak; nobody exercises any control over it. sĭu nâng kẃn-hak; under authority.

hak25815010 To penetrate the meaning.
sim-heng hak-tâk; intelligent, having tact. hak-hak tâk-tâk; farseeing. úa thìaⁿ-kìⁿ cìeⁿ-seⁿ tàⁿ sim lăi cū khui hak; when I heard that said, I understood what it all meant.

hak10801499 To visit a superior.
kak kìⁿ; visit a superior in office. pài hak; go to visit an official superior. ĕ-sôk hak-kìⁿ cīeⁿ-si; subordinates visit their superiors in office. cẃn-sêng pài-hak, ṳ̂ sṳ̄ put ēng; solely to pay respects to my superior and for no other business. (Written on the visitor's card).

hak1080729 Apoplexy.
tòng-hak; a fit of apoplexy. cí khí pēⁿ sĭ tòng-hak, m̄ sĭ tòng-sú; this is apoplexy, not sunstroke.

hâk2103213 Stiff hard clay; hardpan; solid.
thô tōiⁿ-hâk tōiⁿ-hâk nē; the soil is very stiff and hard. cò̤-nî pû, cîah tîeh cong-kú hâk-hâk nē; however much it is boiled, it is always very hard when you come to eat it. cí khí lok-lok bô̤ ēng, tîeh hiá tōiⁿ-hâk tōiⁿ-hâk kâi cìaⁿ hó̤; these are watery and useless, those firm-fleshed and solid ones are the good ones. kût tîeh tōiⁿ-hâk tōiⁿ-hâk nē; it is very solid and hard when you dig into it.

hâk2093913 To learn; to practice; a science; a study.
hâk-sîp; to learn so as to retain. hak-seng; a pupil. phak hâk; versatile aquirements. hâk cèng; hâk thâi; hâk īⁿ; a provincial literary chancellor. tăi hâk; the Great Science; a large school. sío hâk; a small school. tăi-hâk-sṳ̆; cabinet ministers. lăi ko̤h hâk-sṳ̆; members of the inner council.