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A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/hiaⁿ

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— hiaⁿ —

hiaⁿ213103 An elder brother; a senior; used after names as a term of respect, like Mr.
hiⁿ tĭ; brothers. hiaⁿ tĭ kíaⁿ; little brothers. chin hiaⁿ tĭ; own brothers. thang hiaⁿ tĭ; cousins, sons of brothers. î píe hiaⁿ tĭ; cousins, sons of sisters. píe hiaⁿ tĭ; male cousins of different surnames. cŭang hiaⁿ tĭ; second cousins. côk lăi hiaⁿ tĭ; men of the same clan. tâng pau hiaⁿ tĭ; sons of the same father and mother. ĭ bó̤ hiaⁿ tĭ; brothers having the same father, but not the same mother. tek sù hiaⁿ tĭ; sons of the chief and of the inferior wife. tâng nî hiaⁿ tĭ; friends born in the same year, or men who would have been married to each other had they not been of the same sex. mêng hiaⁿ tĭ; brethren of the same creed. sĭa hiaⁿ tĭ; hŭe hiaⁿ tĭ; brethren of the same sect. ngĭ hiaⁿ tĭ; brothers by adoption. ūaⁿ thiap hiaⁿ tĭ; brothers by exchange of cards bearing dates of birth days. ùaⁿ hiaⁿ tĭ; fellow-graduates. nî hiaⁿ tĭ; those who in the same year attain a literary degree higher than the first. sai hiaⁿ tĭ; fellow-apprentices. sṳ hiaⁿ tĭ; those of the same craft. khòi cò̤ hiaⁿ tĭ; made brothers by a contract. hiaⁿ tĭ kuaⁿ; officials of the same rank. ngô̤ hiaⁿ; I, your unworthy elder brother. lĕng hiaⁿ; your elder brother. ke hiaⁿ; my elder brother. pĕ hiaⁿ; father's elder brother. hiaⁿ só̤; elder brother's wife. soiⁿ hiaⁿ; your departed brother. a-hiaⁿ hùe; seniors. a-hiaⁿ hùe, kîaⁿ khui cē; get out of the way there, brethren. ŭ kâi a-hiaⁿ nâng tŏ̤ kîaⁿ; an elderly man was going along. hiaⁿ thâi; lău hiaⁿ thâi; honorable Sir. hiaⁿ cíang; respected friends, used as an address in writing. khóng huang hiaⁿ; the brother with the square hole, a cash. hiaⁿ mūe; brother and sister. a ún hiaⁿ; Mr. Un. móng a-hiaⁿ; that man. lṳ́ kìe-cò̤ mih a-hiaⁿ? What are you called Sir? nín a hiaⁿ hùe tó̤ cò̤ mih sṳ̄? What are your men-folks doing? tōa hiaⁿ, jī hiaⁿ; the eldest and next to the eldest brother.

híaⁿ9914813 To push sidewise with the horns.
khṳt gû híaⁿ tîeh; hooked by an ox. cí ciah gû ŏi híaⁿ nâng; this ox is apt to hit people with its horns.

hìaⁿ3646 To widen; to open out.
hìaⁿ khui khṳt i phâk; open it up to the sun. khui hìaⁿ-hìaⁿ tó̤ lā; opened out fully for airing. nín kâi mn̂g cò̤-nî khui kàu hìaⁿ-hìaⁿ? Why are all your doors thrown wide open? ūe tàⁿ lío, hìaⁿ-hìaⁿ khui; having spoken about it, he continued to expatiate upon it. kun-sṳ̆ hìaⁿ cò̤ nŏ̤ pôiⁿ, tìn-tang kâi tōa phàu cū bū khṳ̀; the troops defiled to either side, and the great canon in the middle volleyed forth.

hîaⁿ7448612 To put on fuel; to build a fire.
húe tîeh hîaⁿ thong-lông thong-lông; lay the fire in such a way that there will be plenty of fuel with spaces for draught between. khĭam châ, hîaⁿ phùa càu; lacking wood, (one cannot) make the fire so hot as to crack the furnace. jw̆n hîaⁿ, hîaⁿ m̄ sêk; however much fuel I put on, I can't make the fire hot enough to cook it. hîaⁿ cúi lâi sói-êk; heat water for bathing. mûeh-hîaⁿ; fuel. tô̤h cho̤h mûeh-hîaⁿ lâi hîaⁿ; take some fuel and put it on the fire.

hîaⁿ206184 Criminal jurisprudence.
hîaⁿ pŏ; the Board of Punishments. hîaⁿ pŏ sīeⁿ-cṳ; the President of the Board of Punishments. hîaⁿ pâng a-pún; a clerk in the criminal courts. hîaⁿ mīaⁿ sṳ-îa; a counsellor in criminal cases in the local courts.

hīaⁿ6201402 Mugwort; moxa.
chah hīaⁿ; to wear sprigs of mugwort in the hair. hīaⁿ jông; moxa punk. io būe cêng máng tîeh hīaⁿ tŏ̤ kò̤; has not yet come any where near carrying out the project.hó̤ cang hīaⁿ khṳ̀ sói cū hó̤; it will get well if you bathe it with mugwort.