A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/hiap

— hîap —

hîap195302 To rhyme; to harmonize.
hîap ūn; to form a rhyme. cí kâi jī lô̤h khṳ̀ m̄ hîap ūn; this letter does not form a rhyme with the others. cí kâi jī tîeh thâk hîap im; this letter must be so read as to make its sound rhyme with that of the others.
hîap195246 To bring into accord; joint; united in.
tâng sim, hîap lâk; of one mind and acting in concert. tăi-ke hîap-lâk khṳ̀ cò̤; all join your forces and go and do it. hîap phōiⁿ tăi-hâk-sṳ̆; an assistant cabinet minister. hîap-thâi; hîap-tìn; a colonel, usually in charge of a garrison.
hîap1951306 The flanks; the sides; to intimidate.
hîap-ĕ; the space on the sides of the human trunk under the arms. pek-hîap; to overawe. hîap khŵn-sì; overpower. cang ui-sì hîap i; used his influence to intimidate him.
hîap356374 To press between two.
hîap kong; to attack on both sides. hîap tòa sai hùe; goods smuggled in the girdle. hîap tòa; to conceal in the girdle.
hîap356647 To cherish or harbour.
hîap hîam; cherish prejudice. hîap hṳ̆n; cherish dislike. hîap chîu; harbour enmity. hîap cì i; prevent him from appealing by threats of consequences.
hîap35697 Ready to maintain another's cause.
kìam hîap; a sword which aids a friend in need. hîap kheh; a supernatural advocate. hâu-hîap; a hero.
浹洽hîap-ciap976 Blended in views or feelings.
hîap-cîap; hîap-hîap cîap-cîap; making an unbroken story or circuit; pervading. kà-hùe hîah-cîap; imbued with these teachings.