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A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/ih

— ih —

ih98173 To hatch out.
ah-nn̆g pū kú ŏi ih chùi; when a duck's egg has been long covered it will hatch.
i cìaⁿ ih chùi; it hatched out.

ih10298510 To moisten; to dampen; to wet.
cang cúi khṳ̀ ih i jŭn cē; take some water and moisten it.
hieⁿ-ko khîeh khṳ̀ cúi têng ih phò̤; wet the mushrooms with water and let them swell.
m̄ soiⁿ ih tâm cē ēng cū cîh; if you do not first dampen it, it will break when used.

囁濡îh-ṳh632 To mutter because of discontent.
îh-îh ṳ̂h-ṳ̂h, àiⁿ tàⁿ m̄ káⁿ tàⁿ; muttered, but dared not speak out.
îh-ṳ̂h kìe, tàⁿ m̄ chṳt; struggled to speak, but failed through fear of consequences.