A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/thiam

— thiam —

thiam43855 To take in by absorption; affected by.
thiam-jíam; imbued with; tinged; corrupted by. cn̂g kâi bô̤ khṳ̀ thiam-jíam i; have nothing whatever to do with it. ŭ thiam-jíam tîeh a bô̤? Has it been tinged by absorbing anything from that?

thiam898858 To add, to increase, to put in more; extra, additional.
thiam pó; add something to make enough. thiam che khṳ̀ phōiⁿ; send additional messengers to attend to the matter. thian teng; to have an increase in one's family. thiam châi; increase in wealth. thiam hok; added blessings. thiam sīu; added years. thiam îu; put in some more oil. thiam piaⁿ; increase the number of soldiers.

thíam738994 Excessively; violently; severely.
phah kàu thíam-thíam; beat him very severely. chîp khah thíam; knead too hard. mēⁿ thíam-thíam; i to m̄-ùi; he does not care how much he is scolded. tàⁿ khah thíam i cū khì; if you say too much about it, he will be angry. teh khah thíam cū pó khṳ̀; if you put too much weight upon it, it will be permanently flattened. lūn thíam-thíam; trample down violently.

thíam471498 To flatter, to cajole; to fawn.
thíam-mĭⁿ; to play the sycophant, to praise one in order to get hisfavor. i cía ūe sĭ tó̤ thíam-mĭⁿ i; he says this in order to curry favor with him. thíam-mĭⁿ kâi nâng; a lick-spittle.

thìam101515712 To stamp upon; to press down with the feet.
thìam kàu lok-lok; tread them down till they are mashed soft. khì kàu kŭa tī híam-híam khṳt i thìam thâp; was so angry that he came near breaking a hole in the ground by stamping. gê-kang cang kha kâi i thìam sí; stamp on the centipede and kill it. pàng hṳ́ kûiⁿ kĕ hám kò̤; cang kha thìam cĭu cîh; if you put one end of it upon something and then stamp on the middle of it, you can break it.

thîam899616 Peaceful; contented; tranquil.
thîam-cĕⁿ; undisturbed. i kâi nâng thîam-cĕⁿ căi; she passes her life very tranquilly. huang éng thîam-cĕⁿ; the winds and waves are quiet; the storm has subsided. i sĭ kâi thîam-thîam cĕⁿ-cĕⁿ kâi kun-cṳ́ nâng; she is a very retiring and refined person.