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A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/thie

— thie —

thie887646 To pick out, up, or at; to provoke; to stir up; to select. lṳ́ kio úa thie ki chuaⁿ; you pick out this sliver for me. ēng cam lâi thie phùa; pick it open with a needle. thie lô̤h khṳ̀ ŏi huehlâu a bŏi? Does it bleed when you pick into it? teng-sim thie khui cē; pick up the wick of the lamp a little. cū sĭ i tó̤ thie-so cìaⁿ tì-kàu cìeⁿ-seⁿ; it is through his mischief-making that this has come to pass. i thie tîeh kuaⁿ; he has been chosen for office. thie-sẃn hó̤ kâi; pick out a good one. thie tit tîeh, a thie m̄ tîeh? Did she pick it out, or did she fail to do so? thie keng-ńng; to select Manchu girls for the harem. tōa kâi i soiⁿ thie khí; the large ones have already been picked out by him. thie-thek; to cavil. i ŏi thie hue chiah sìu; she can do various sorts of fancy work. i ŏi thie siah-pô̤h; she can separate the sheets of tin-foil.

thìe89011919 To sell grain; to dispose of breadstuffs.
thìe bí; to sell rice. khui chng phêng thìe; open the granaries and dispose of the contents at a fair price.