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A Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect, Arranged According to Syllables and Tones/thiet

— thiet —

thiet426412 To remove from or to one; to send off; to recall; to set aside; to reject.
thiaⁿ-kìⁿ ci ki kun àiⁿ thiet, sĭ mē? I hear that this regiment is to be recalled is it so? cí nŏ̤ īeⁿ chài lâi thiet; remove these two dishes from the course. thiet hûe khṳ̀; has been recalled. thiet jīm, tńg khṳ̀; left his post and returned home. cīeⁿ-si thiet i kâi úi; his superior in office has withdrawn his appointment. thiet tīo cí nŏ̤ náng lío àiⁿ lêng-ūaⁿ ēng nâng mē? After having rejected these two men, do you wish to employ others?

thiet426012 Perspicacious; discerning; pervious; to penetrate; to go through.
i kâi tó lâi thong-thiet căi; he is very discerning. put lŭn sĭ cò̤ sṳ̄ sĭ tàⁿ ūe to sĭ thong-thong thiet-thiet; whether in action or in speech he is very sure to get at the underlying motives and facts. i sui-sĭ chó̤-lîak ŏi thong, thong lâi m̄ thiet; although he understands this to some extent, he does not understand it thoroughly. cí cak cṳ kâi tŏ̤-lí sueh lâi thàu-thiet căi; the doctrine contained in this passage was very thoroughly explained. cêk jī cêk kù to sueh kàu thàu-thàu thiet-thiet; explains every word and sentence most thoroughly, sái nâng khṳ̀ thiet-tói cheng chê; send some one to the very bottom to make an exhaustive investigation. ūe tàⁿ lâi hŵn-lío būe thiet-tói; has not yet touched upon the bottom facts in what he has said.