A Rattlesnake Sings In The Grass

"A Rattlesnake Sings in the Grass" is an unpublished, probably lost poem of Robert E. Howard's that expanded “Hymn of Hatred” from the Always Come Evening anthology. An 8-line passage that would have been placed between lines 8 and 9 of "Hymn" has never turned up.

Hymn of Hatred

Oh, brother coiling in the acrid grass,
Lift not for me your sibilant refrain:
Less deadly venom slavers from your fangs
Than courses fiercely in my every vein.

A single victim satisfied your hate,
But I would see walled cities crash and reel,
Gray-bearded sages blown from cannon-mouths,
And infants spitted on the reddened steel.

And I would see the stars come thundering down,
The foaming oceans break their brimming bowl –
Oh, universal ruin would not serve
To glut the fury of my maddened soul!