A Summer Night (Dunbar)


Summah is de lovin' time—
  Do' keer what you say.
Night is allus peart an' prime,
  Bettah dan de day.
Do de day is sweet an' good,
  Birds a-singin' fine,
Pines a-smellin' in de wood,—
  But de night is mine.

Rivah whisperin' "howdy do,"
  Ez it pass you by—
Moon a-lookin' down at you,
  Winkin' on de sly.
Frogs a-croakin' f'om de pon',
  Singin' bass dey fill,
An' you listen way beyon'
  Ol' man whippo'will.

Hush up, honey, tek my han'
  Mek yo' footsteps light;
Somep'n' kin' o' hol's de lan'
  On a summah night.
Somep'n' dat you nevah sees
  An' you nevah hyeahs,
But you feels it in de breeze,
  Somep'n' nigh to teahs.

Somep'n' nigh to teahs? dat's so;
  But hit's nigh to smiles.
An' you feels it ez you go
  Down de shinin' miles.
Tek my han', my little dove;
  Hush an' come erway—
Summah is de time fu' love,
  Night-time beats de day!

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.