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A fraternal greeting from the free Macedonian state - 1944

A FRATERNAL GREETING FROM THE FREE MACEDONIAN STATE (Published in "Rabotnichesko Delo", on December 27th, 1944)

Tomorrow on the 28th of this month, in Skopje, the capital of the new free Macedonian state, the second extraordinary session of the Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Macedonia (ASNOM) will be convened. At this session a report on the internal and international situation concerning the new Macedonian federal state will be submitted. This federal state is an equal member of Tito's federal Yugoslavia. The session shall review and approve the decisions made by the temporary Presidium and will elect a new Presidium of the Macedonian National Council, which will also elect a new Macedonian government. In this way, with general recognition, the new Macedonian state will stand on its own two feet and will make quick steps in developing its democratic state order. With the internal situation of the Macedonian state thus consolidated, we shall witness an increase in the creative élan of the Macedonian people, who, full of enthusiasm, have resolutely undertaken to reconstruct what has been destroyed by the German barbarians and to create the indispensable conditions for rapid economic and cultural progress.

In the month of November, last year, in the town of Jajce, Yugoslavia, a historic session of the Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia took place. At this session a decision was made at the suggestion of Marshal Tito to reconstruct Yugoslavia as a democratic and federal state which would be composed of six federal states: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Implementing the above principle, on August 2nd of this year, in Macedonia, in Pchinski Monasery, the first Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Macedonia took place, thereby becoming an historic event because it laid the foundations of a new Macedonian federal state.

Like federal, democratic Yugoslavia, the free Macedonian state has become a part of Yugoslavia as an equal member and was established not as a result of some international diplomatic combination, but as the fruit of more than a three-year-long heroic and glorious, difficult and bloody national liberation struggle of the Yugoslav peoples, and the Macedonian people as well, against the hated German occupier. This difficult and glorious struggle was led, as we all know, by the legendary military leader and great statesman, Marshal Tito. Unfortunately, in the history of this epic struggle of the Yugoslav peoples shameful lines have been inscribed for the Bulgarians which will tell future generations of the black betrayal and treason of a fascist clique, of the German agency in our country, which, against the will of the Bulgarian people, waged an internecine war together with the Hitlerite occupiers against the Yugoslav fighters for freedom and independence. Today the principal figures of that traitorous Greater-Bulgarian chauvinist clique are being prosecuted by the Bulgarian people and will have to answer for their treason and crimes. With the participation of a new, reconstructed national army of the Fatherland Front of Bulgaria in the pursuit of the German occupiers of Serbia and Macedonia, the people of Bulgaria have presented decisive proof that they have broken with the shameful past and have thus made a serious step in setting right the treason and are being cleansed of a shameful blight. There are many facts which clearly indicate the existence of a new atmosphere between the two fraternal peoples and a favourable turn in the relations of the two fraternal countries.

In the flames of the struggle against the common enemy of all freedom-loving nations, the German imperialists, as well as in the struggle against their internal agents and traitors, in the construction of a democratic and federal Yugoslavia and the Fatherland Front of Bulgaria, the chauvinist villains have disappeared forever, villains who have for decades inspired mistrust in the former rulers of the two countries, the reactionary and fascist cliques and who undermined good neighbourly relations and placed obstacles in the way of the strong, natural sentiments for the rapprochement of the fraternal South Slav peoples.

The Fatherland Front of Bulgaria and Tito's Yugoslavia have forever broken with the shameful past. Between them there are no, nor can there ever be, disagreements or quarrels, there can be no rivalry for supremacy or superiority. In the future there can be only fraternal relations between them, relations which will be a foundation for peace in the Balkans and for the new fraternal cooperation between all the Balkan peoples.

Macedonia, which has in the course of the past decades been only an object of aspirations for the Bulgarian Dynasty and the Greater-Bulgarian chauvinist clique, and now that the Bulgarian people have been liberated of the oppression exercised by those traitors and German agents, they are overcome with fraternal sentiments for the much suffering Macedonian people, The people of Bulgaria are celebrating together with the Macedonian and other Yugoslav peoples the grand accomplishment of the fraternal Macedonian people, who for the first time in their history have been recognized as a sovereign nation with a right to have their own free state, an equal member in Tito's federal Yugoslavia. Certainly, this is an achievement of the Yugoslav national liberation movement guided by Marshal Tito. Finally, the ideal has been achieved for which the finest sons of the Macedonian people have fought heroically and with sacrifices in the course of decades!

Unlike the Greater-Bulgarian chauvinists and foreign agents, the Bulgarian people have even in the past supported with great sympathy the people of Macedonia in their struggle for emancipation and unification on the principle of self-determination. Today, as well, in the struggle against the greatest enemy of freedom, Hitlerism, this principle of self-determination of peoples has most officially been recognized in all the international acts of the great democratic states. On such foundations the current aspirations of the Macedonian people for self-determination have been recognized with sympathy by all freedom-loving people, including the people of Bulgaria.

The people of Bulgaria, today as well, with sincere happiness and warmest sympathy look upon the development of a free Macedonian state in the framework of Tito's Yugoslavia.

On the eve of the session of the Anti-Fascist Macedonian National Council in Skopje, which symbolizes the sovereign rights of the Macedonian people, their free democratic state, the people of Bulgaria extend their greetings to Macedonia and Tito's Yugoslavia, as a whole.

Rabotnicheskoe delo (Sofia), 27 Dec 1944, Uvodna statija)

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