A glossary of words used in the neighbourhood of Sheffield/List of Abbreviations


A.S. Anglo-Saxon, or Oldest English. Quoted from Bosworth, Toller's Bos- worth, and the Wright-Wiilcker Vocabularies.

Doig. Mr. Doig's Collection. See p. xiv.

H. Hunter's Hallamshire Glossary, 1829. See p. ix.

Hunter's MS. Manuscript collections for a second edition of the Hallamshire Glossary, left by Hunter. See p. ix.

Harrison. Harrison's Survey of the Manor of Sheffield in 1637. See p. xliv.

L. Mr. R. E. Leader's collections for a Sheffield Glossary. See p. xii.

M.E. Middle English. English of the twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth centuries, usually quoted from Stratmann's Old English Dictionary.

O. Dutch. Old Dutch.

O. F. Old French.

O. Icel. Old Icelandic, from Cleasby and Vigfusson's Dictionary. This represents the Old Norse language.

O. H. Germ. Old High German. In Stratmann's Diet.

O. L. Germ. Old Low German. In Stratmann's Diet.

O.M. Ordnance Map. This means any of the Ordnance Maps published by the Government.

T. T. A. Town Trustee Accounts. See ' Leader, J. D. , ' in ' Books cited, ' p. Ixxix.