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A speech from K Stojchev at the first congress of National Liberation Front of Macedonia- 1946


August 1946

Comrades! Attending this first congress as guests from Pirin Macedonia we are obliged to present here our impressions and admiration of our new republic of Macedonia. I visited Macedonia one year and eight months ago. At the time I witnessed the great joy of the liberated Macedonian people after centuries of bondage, people who had embarked upon the development of their bright future and a new brighter and happier life. There were no roads in Macedonia. All the railroad lines had been destroyed by the occupiers withdrawing before the more powerful Yugoslav army. At the time towns, factories and villages lay devastated. Today we observe how the people of Macedonia with great elan are clearing the ruins and rebuilding their new community.

The Macedonian people in Vardar Macedonia have asserted that they are in the vanguard of the struggle for the total unification of the Macedonian people. Today we can no longer use a slogan calling on some undefined right to self-determination of Macedonia and the Macedonian people. In the course of its half-century-long struggle the Macedonian people have made their choice. They have already established their own state Vardar Macedonia under the leadership of Marshal TITO, leader of the Yugoslav peoples.

The Macedonian people have laid solid foundations for a new Macedonian state and today no one can doubt that the new Macedonian republic will be a base for the unification of the entire Macedonian people.

Pirin Macedonia should follow the example of the Vardar People's Republic of Macedonia.

Today, the people in Pirin Macedonia are inspired by the ideals of Goce Delchev and Jane Sandanski, who understood that there could be no other resolution of the Macedonian issue, that Macedonian people cannot be Bulgarian, as Ferdinand and Boris wanted. Macedonia cannot be Serbian, as Karadiordeviches wanted. Macedonia cannot be Greek. Macedonia belongs only to the people of Macedonia. The people of Pirin Macedonia understand well and sympathize with the idea that Macedonia should be united, the way Delchev and Sandanski, our tea chers, instructed us.

The question of Macedonian unification can no longer be an issue related to the realization of Greater-Bulgarian, Greater-Serbian and Greater-Greek ideals. We must resolutely defeat such reaction. Even in the Fatherland Front they should understand that the Macedonian question is a question of the entire Macedonian people who are struggling together with the Yugoslav and Bulgarian peoples. The Macedonian people in Pirin Macedonia aspire to the unification of the entire Macedonian people.

I feel obliged to underline that comrades in the People's Republic of Macedonia should aid with all means an authentically Macedonian policy. The same responsibility lies with all progressive men in the Fatherland Front of Bulgaria, especially the officials, progressive Fatherland Front members in Pirin Macedonia.

It is the duty of the National Committee of the Fatherland Front as well as the parties which compose the Fatherland Front, especially in Pirin Macedonia, to give answers to all the questions posed and to indicate to the Macedonian people of Pirin Macedonia the authentic, appropriate path to unification around the pillar which the Macedonian people find embodied in the People's Republic of Macedonia. Pirinsko delo, godina II, 6p. 28 (19 avgust 1946).

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  1. The first congress of the National Liberation Front of Macedonia, held in Skopje on August 2nd—6th 1946, was addressed by a representative from Pirin Macedonia, K, Stojchev. We present here his speech published in "Pirinsko delo".