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Act of September 29, 1789

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Act of September 29, 1789 may refer to:

one of seven different statutes which were enacted on September 29, 1789, the last day of the 1st session of the 1st United States Congress:

Chapter Title
Chapter XXI.
Sept. 29, 1789.
Chap. XXI.—An Act to regulate Processes in the Courts of the United States.
Chapter XXII.
Sept. 29, 1789.
Chap. XXII.—An Act to explain and amend an Act, intituled “An Act for registering and clearing Vessels, regulating the Coasting Trade, and for other purposes.”
Chapter XXIII.
Sept. 29, 1789.
Chap. XXIII.—An Act making Appropriations for the Service of the present year.
Chapter XXIV.
Sept. 29, 1789.
Chap. XXIV.—An Act providing for the payment of the Invalid Pensioners of the United States.
Chapter XXV.
Sept. 29, 1789.
Chap. XXV.—An Act to recognize and adopt to the Constitution of the United States the establishment of the Troops raised under the Resolves of the United States in Congress assembled, and for other purposes therein mentioned.
Chapter XXVI.
Sept. 29, 1789.
Chap. ⅩⅩⅥ.—An Act to allow the Baron de Glaubeck the pay of a Captain in the Army of the United States.
Chapter XXVII.
Sept. 29, 1789.
Chap. XXVII.—An Act to alter the time for the next Meeting of Congress.