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Chapter 1 Freedom of speech, white powder, postal terrorism. Underscore the words you need (2001)

1.1 Glasnost defense foundation weekly digest.

1.2 Ukrainian science fiction writers build "Star bridge"

1.3 Andrei Valentinov: "Sometimes history makes turns which are much stranger than fiction"

1.4 Ukrainian military officials still denying their implication in Tu-154 crash. Though nobody believes them

1.5 America wages war, Ukrainians may go to sleep

1.6 Ukrainian anti-globalists burn American flag

1.7 Ukrainian social-democrats propose to create a new Yalta conference to settle the global conflict

1.8 Ukraine’s Defense Minister wanted to resign because of Tu-154 plane crash. President did not accept the resignation

1.9 Ukraine’s President thanks Russia for plane crash investigation. However, still no hasty conclusions

1.10 “Anti-Mafia” wants Kuzmuk to be imprisoned, nationalists search for a “Russian print”

1.11 White powder found in Ukraine

1.12 Ukraine’s public organizations apologize for their president

1.13 The leader of Ukrainian “Yabloko” party under guard

1.14 Mail terror jokes in Ukraine. So far.

1.15 Ukrainian Mail takes security measures

1.16 Tu-154 crash investigatory experiment to take place today

1.17 Internet mass media in Ukraine are in danger: Security Council is interested in them]

1.18 Ukraine may experience a catastrophe in 2005

1.19 Ukrainian president seems to have the successor now

1.20 Ukraine’s Greens demand to disclose information of nuclear waste transit through the country

1.21 Valery Asadchev: A Ukrainian citizen must become solvent

1.22 The leader of Ukraine’s Party of the Regions says it is the largest in the country

1.23 Ukrainians’ debts have been written off, but they will make the new ones

1.24 Is Yuschenko friend or enemy to Orthodox citizens of Ukraine?

1.25Journalists demand to institute proceedings against Ukrainian Security Council’s secretary

1.26 Andrey Derkach: Ukraine must concentrate on itself

1.27 Ordinary Buddhism or how to stand on yours own legs in this world.

Chapter 2 Journalists attacked on in Ukraine (2002),

2.1 Ukrainian social-democrats learn to act in non-standard situations

2.2 “Black master” Andrei Dashkov: Experience of psychedelic prose

2.3 Vladimir Mikheyev: Danger equivalent to 500 Chernobyl catastrophes is stored in Siberia

2.4 Act of terrorism in Odessa airport

2.5 Ukrainian terrorist says he is Pinochet

2.6 Commercial war is possible between Ukraine and USA

2.7 Ukraine starts anti-piracy struggle

2.8 Journalists attacked on in Ukraine

2.9 Underground nuclear power station to be built in Crimea

2.10 Leonid Kuchma has now his own party

2.11 Green party of Ukraine - a pro-presidential party?

2.12 Ukrainian knight of science disproves Einstein and prepares himself for solving gravitation’s mystery

2.13 Ukrainian journalists ask for political asylum in the USA

2.14 Bus filled with voters shot at in Ukraine

2.15 “Narcotism is only a symptom, while the real illness is much serious and deeper…”

2.16 Ukrainian president isn't too fond of American resolution pertaining to Ukraine's elections

2.17 Underground nuclear power station to be built in Crimea

2.18 Corruption 2002 from Transparency International

2.19 Leonid Kuchma: We defiled out country and still keep on doing

2.20 Post-election conflicts in Ukraine. Unauthorized mayor occupied office in Cherkassy

2.21 “The fight of the mayors” in Ukraine

2.22 Is Ukrainian television Europe’s foulest?

2.23 Narrowly biological view on drug addiction leads to a dead end

2.24 Major Melnichenko urges Vladimir Putin to protect Russia’s state secrets

2.25 Every fourth Ukrainian lives in poverty

2.26 Harry Potter already in Ukraine

2.27 Main problem of Ukraine: Lack of freedom of speech

2.28 Is Chernobyl Closure the Biggest Mistake?

2.29 Religious procession devoted to 141st anniversary of reburial of poet Taras Shevchenko’s ashes

2.30 Ukraine to join NATO

2.31 Leonid Kuchma expelled from Ukraine’s Communist Party

2.32 Vladimir Litvin becomes speaker of Ukrainian parliament

2.33 Ukrainian bureaucracy torments Ukrainian Catholics

2.34 Russian is not nationality but state of mind

2.35 Ukraine education development doctrine is a fantasy

2.36 "Dirty" Bomb Could Explode In Russia

2.37 Ukraine television attacks Russian language

2.38 Copyrighting jeopardizes culture

2.39 Who is to blame for the tragedy in Lvov?

2.40 Ukraine starts anti-piracy struggle

2.41 Ukrainian Prisoners Tortured and Beaten

2.42 Corruption 2002 from Transparency International

2.43 Leonid Kuchma: We defiled out country and still keep on doing

2.44 Is Chernobyl Closure the Biggest Mistake?

2.45 Ukrainian Prisoners Tortured and Beaten

2.46 American Specialists Investigate Ukrainian Alleged Arms Sales to Iraq

2.47 Ukrainian Nationalist Organization Supports Chechen Hostage-Takers

2.48 USA Suspected of Being Behind Moscow Hostage Crisis

2.49 Ukraine Asks UN to Put an End to Kolchuga Investigations

2.50 Ukrainian Journalist Mysteriously Dies

2.51 Death Squad Killing Ukrainian Journalists?

2.52 Did Ukrainians Kill Gongadze to Vex Kuchma?

2.53 Sergey Tigipko Appointed Ukraine’s Chief Banker

2.54 Ukraine in Fire

2.55 Internet – a Weapon of Russian Environmentalists?

2.56 Vladimir Mikheev: Danger equivalent to 500 Chernobyl catastrophes is stored in Siberia

Chapter 3 Ukraine Peacekeepers Enter Iraq (2003-2004)

3.1 Reason of Ukrainian Plane Crash in Iran Identified

3.2 Killer Asteroid Approaching the Earth?

3.3 Lenin Embalmer’s Remnants Buried Only After 60 Years

3.4 Cooperation Plan Between NATO and Ukraine Exposed

3.5 Economic Problems Prevailed

3.6 PACE Urges to Control Freedom of speech on Continent

3.7 Ukrainian Opposition Unveiled Masonic Conspiracy

3.8 Ukrainian Security Council Used TV to Prevent a Murder

3.9 Shocking: Children Liquidated Consequences of Nuclear Catastrophe

3.10 Ukrainian forces to withdraw from Iraq?

3.11 Why the USA is superpower

3.12 One of Ukrainian Anti-Mafia Association Founders Died

3.13 Killing of Journalist Gongadze in Focus Again

3.14 Ukraine Peacekeepers Enter Iraq

3.15 Forgotten Victims of Chernobyl


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