Ajmi military background summary

Ajmi military background summary  (2005) 

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Fourth Street, House #606
Al Ahmadi, Kuwait
Telephone number: 398 6167

AL A'JMI is not married.

In approximately 1987, AL A'JMI went to Abba, Saudi Arabia with his family. He stayed there for two years living with his grandfather. He returned to Kuwait and moved back to Saudi Arabia for two years when Iraq invaded Kuwait. When he returned to Kuwait he did not continue his education. AL A'JMI quit school at the end of his second year of middle school when he was approximately 15 years of age. He worked as a security guard for the Tatkibi Institute in Al Ahmadi which was a technical school. AL A'JMI quit this job after two months and did not work again until 1998 when he joined the Kuwaiti military. During the time he was unemployed, Al A'JMI lived with his parents and worshiped at the Ibn Khaythama Mosque in Al Ahmadi. Al A'JMI is not sure but believes the sheik's name was ABU ABDALLAH.

AL A'JMI entered on duty with Kuwaiti military on 3/15/98. He received three months basic training at the G-1 camp near Dalib Al Shouyykh where he learned to use the M-16 assault rifle, M-60 machine gun and grenades. AL A'JMI did not know the caliber of these weapons. He was assigned to the Prince's Guard (Prince Jaber) and was stationed in both Sabban and Basman, Kuwait. In March 2001 he was transferred to the 15th Regiment. He was there only two weeks when he went absent without leave (AWOL) on 3/26/2001.

AL A'JMI went AWOL because he wanted to participate in the jihad in Afghanistan but could not get leave from the military SHEIK IBN JABRIL (possibly JABRIN) is a well know sheik in Saudi Arabia who is covered by both television and radio. SHEIK JABRIL issued a fatwa over the internet which was posted in the Saddan Mosque where he was stationed. The fatwa called for a jihad against the Russians in Chechnya. He was granted leave at that time from the military; He did not tell the military why he wanted to leave. SHEIK RASHED AL HUKKAN of the SABBAN MOSQUE in Kuwait called SHEIK MOHAMMED ABED AL WAHHAB of the RAYWAND MOSQUE in Lahore, Pakistan to advise of AL A'JMI'S travel to Pakistan.

AL A'JMI traveled alone to Lahore, Pakistan. When he arrived at the RAYWAND MOSQUE, there were people there from all over the world including English speaking non-Arabs. There were people form the United States, Argentina, Brazil and many other countries. There was a calling to this mosque to get closer to God through prayer, not for jihad. Whenever AL A'JMI would try to talk to other worshipers at the mosque about jihad in Chechnya, they would distance themselves from him. He did not go to Chechnya. The roads were closed because of the weather and he heard there was no need for additional fighters at that time.

Before returning to Kuwait, Al A'JMI went to another mosque in Moradabad, Pakistan in the Mothafar Gat Region. He was there two weeks. There was no specific reason for this trip and he cannot recall the name of the mosque or sheik.

AL A'JMI returned to Kuwait and left the military two months later on 3/26/2001. He left the military to participate in a jihad in Afghanistan. SEIF AL DOUSIRI, a friend in the Kuwait military, was a follower of SHEIK HAMOOD AL UKLA from Saudi Arabia. DOUSIRI distributed information in the SABHAN MOSQUE regarding a fatwa to fight against AHMED MASOOD of the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. AL A'JMI believes MASOOD was a liar and not a good Muslim.

AL A'JMI traveled from Kuwait to Islamabad, Pakistan on Shahin Airlines. When he arrived at the airport in Islamabad, he was approached by MAWLA RIFQAT who asked is he came for the calling to prayer or the jihad. AL A'JMI told RIGQAT he came for jihad. AL A'JMI and RIFQAT took a bus to Peshawar. During the trip RIFQAT told him he was a mujahideen fighter against the Russians in Afghanistan. From Peshawar, they took a car to Bannu, Pakistan, then to a border city called North Wazirstan . RIFQAT turned him over to four men from Afghanistan. AL A'JMI told them he wanted to go to the front line. They crossed the border into Afghanistan and joined a group of Pakistanis who were also going to fight. The group went to Khowst, the Kabul. They changed cars and went on the Baghram. This was the front line between the Taliban and Northern Alliance. The Northern Alliance occupided an old Russian airport in Baghram .

The Taliban leaders in Baghram were FAROOK (LNU) and JIHADI (LNU). AL A'JMI'S passport and other documents were taken from him and burned. He was told he would be killed if he tried to leave. His group leader in Bagrham was an Afghani named AYOUBI. AL A'JMI was issued an AK 47 with ammunition and grenades. He was placed in a defensive position to block the Northern Alliance.

AL A'JMI fired he weapon only one time when he heard movement on night near his position. He does not know if he killed anyone. Most of the fighting was on his flanks.

AL A'JMI was in Baghram until approximately April 2001. When the Northern Alliance advance to Kabul, he went to Jalalabad. He was fired on as he retreated. When he reached Jalalabad, Afghans seized his weapon. The Taliban leader in Jalalabad, ABU TURAB, told the Pakistani fighters to return to Pakistan and that Arabs should walk to an area north of Tora Bora where other Arabs gathered. He was in a village north of Tora Bora for approximately two weeks. He could hear bombing but his position was not bombed.

There were two Arabs with him near Tora Bora who were also in Baghram. MOHAMMAD SALIM from Sudan and HAMZA SEIF from Saudi Arabia. These two Arabs took a different route into Pakistan and were not arrested with him. AL A'JMI and two Afghanis walked to Pakistan where they were arrested. After his arrest, AL A'JMI was held in Kobat, Pakistan for two weeks, then two weeks in Kandahar before Camp X-Ray. While in Kandahar, AL A'JMI did not hear any explosions.

AL A'JMI received no training in Afghanistan but heard there were Taliban training camps near Kabul and Baghram. He never met anyone with Al Qaeda. During his retreat to the Tora Bora area, Al A'JMI heard that Usama Bin Ladin had been killed by the bombing. AL AJMI heard general comments among the Taliban about a fatwa against the U.S. but no details were given. Although he fought with the Taliban, Al A'JMI does not consider himself to be part of any group.

AL A'JMI had no threat information regarding Camp X-Ray.