Hymns for our Lord's Resurrection/Hymn XVI

Hymn XVI.
For Ascension-Day.

1ALL hail the True Elijah,
The Lord our GOD[1] and Saviour!
Who leaves behind,
For all Mankind,
The Token of his Favour,

The never-dying Prophet,
A while to Mortals givem,
This solemn Day
Is rapt away
By flaming Steeds to Heaven.

2Come see the Rising Triumph,
And prostrate fall before Him:
He mounts, He flies
Above the Skies,
Where all his Hosts adore him.

Borne on his Fiery Chariot,
With joyful Acclamation
Pursue the Lord,
To Heaven restor'd,
The GOD of our Salvation.

3Who see their Lord at Parting,
They shall on Earth inherit
A double Power,
A larger Shower
Of his descending Spirit.

The Spirit of our Master
Shall rest on each Believer,
And surely we
Our Master see,
Who lives and reigns for ever.

4Yes, our exalted Jesus,
By Faith we now adore Thee,
And still we sit
Before thy Feet,
And triumph in thy Glory.

In vain the Flaming Chariot
Hath parted us asunder,
We still thro' Grace
Behold thy Face,
And shout our Loving Wonder.

5By Faith we catch thy Mantle,
The Covering of thy Spirit
By Faith we wear,
And gladly share
Thine All-involving Merit.

We rest beneath thy Shadow,
Till by the Whirlwind driven,
From Earth we rise,
And mount the Skies,
And grasp our Lord in Heaven.


  1. So Elijah signifies.