Alvey, Thomas (DNB00)

ALVEY, THOMAS, M.D. (1645–1704), physician, son of Thomas Alvey, merchant-taylor, of London, was born in St. Faith's parish, 4 May 1645, and educated at Merchant Taylors' School and at Merton College, Oxford (B.A. 1662, M.A. 1667, M.B. 1669, M.D. 1671). He became a fellow of the College of Physicians of London in 1676; censor in 1683; Harveian orator in 1684; was appointed an elect in January 1703–4; and died in 1704. Dr. Alvey wrote ‘Dissertatiuncula Epistolaris, unde pateat urinæ materiam potius è sero sanguinis quàm è sero (quod succo alibili in nervis superest), ad renes transmitti,’ London, 1680, 4to.

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