The Army and Navy Hymnal/Hymns/Am I a Soldier of the Cross

131 Am I a Soldier of the Cross
Isaac Watts, 1724 Thomas A. Arne, 1762

1.Am I a soldier of the cross—
A follower of the Lamb ?
And shall I fear to own his cause,
Or blush to speak his name ?
2.Must I be carried to the skies,
On flowery beds of ease,
While others fought to win the prize,
And sailed thro' bloody seas ?
3.Are there no foes for me to face?
Must I not stem the flood?
Is this vile world a friend to grace,
To help me on to God?
4.Since I must fight if I would reign,
Increase my courage, Lord !
I'll bear the toil, endure the pain,
Supported by thy word. Amen.