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An Anthology of Modern Bohemian Poetry/Twilight Yearning

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Jan Opolský (b. 1878).




O come, thou peaceful dove of even-tide!
The soothing bells grow faint on pasture-ways;
A death-like muteness waxes far and wide,
The forest shrine amid its secrets sways.

Torches on peaks, pale glimmers from the lakes,
Into the gloom in dim array depart;
A mute, great spirit rises o'er the brakes.
Unmoved by solemn rhythms is the heart.

The unconcealèd tracks from earth to earth,
Into the dusk upon their orbits speed;
Nigh is the moment . . . calm of mighty worth,
My youthful soul, conceal thou not thy creed!


"The World of the Sad" (1899).