Andrews, John (1736-1809) (DNB00)

ANDREWS, JOHN (1736–1809), historical writer and pamphleteer, produced numerous works towards the end of the last and beginning of the present century. Among these are: 1. ‘History of the Revolutions of Denmark,’ &c., 1774. 2. ‘History of the War with America, France, Spain, and Holland, commencing in 1775 and ending in 1783,’ four vols., London, 1785–86. 3. ‘Letters to his Excellency the Count de Welderen on the present Situation of Affairs between Great Britain and the United Provinces,’ London, 1781 (of which a Dutch translation appeared in the same year at Amsterdam). 4. ‘Letters to a Young Gentleman on his setting out for France, containing a survey of Paris and a review of French literature,’ 1784. 5. ‘Historical Review of the Moral, Religious, Literary, and Political Character of the English Nation,’ 1806. The ‘Gentleman's Magazine’ for February 1809 has the following obituary announcement: ‘At his house at Kennington, Surrey, in his seventy-third year, Dr. John Andrews, a gentleman well known in the literary world. By his death the nation is deprived of an able historian, a profound scholar and politician, and a man ever ready to take up his pen in his country's cause.’

[Gent. Mag. February 1809; British Museum Catalogue.]

A. H. B.