Anglo-Saxon Riddles of the Exeter Book/15

15 (k-d 48)

I have heard of a ring     bright without tongue
intercede for heroes.     Well it spoke
with strong words     though not loud.
This treasure for men     silently said:
“Heal me     helper of souls.”
May men understand     the magic meaning
of the speech of the red gold.     May the wise entrust
their salvation to God,     as the ring said.
Ic gefrægn fer hæleþum     hringende an ·
torhtne butan tungan     tila þeah he hlude
stefne ne cirmde     strongum wordū
sinc for secgum     swigende cwæð
gehæle mec     helpend gæsta
ryne ongietan     readan goldes
guman galdorcwide     gleawe beþencan
hyra hælo to gode     swa se hring gecwæð

The solution of this pious little piece is Chalice. The word “ring” (hring) may signify any circular object, as in the following riddle.