Anglo-Saxon Riddles of the Exeter Book/36

36 (k-d 81)

I have a puffed-out breast     and a swollen neck;
I have a head     and a tall tail;
I have eyes and ears     and a single foot,
a rough hard bill     and a long neck
and two sides;     hollow in the middle.
My home is over men.     I suffer much
whenever he moves me     who stirs the forest,
and rains and hard hail     beat on me as I stand,
and frost freezes     and snow falls
on me, hollow-bellied     . . . .


Ic eom by led breost     belecedsweora
heafod hæbbe     heane steort
eagan earan     ænne fōot
hrycg heard nebb     hneccan steapne
sidan twa     sag on middum
eard ofer ældū     aglac dreoge
þær mec wegeð     se þe wudu hrereð
mec stondende     streamas beatað
hægl se hearda     hrim þeceð
[…]orst […]eoseð     fealleð snaw
on þyrelwombne;     ic þæt
[…] […]     wonsceaft mine