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38 (k-d 49)

I know a something     that stands firm on the ground,
deaf and dumb,     that by day often swallows
from the servant’s hand     useful gifts.
Sometimes in the towns     the dark thane,
swarthy and dun-faced,     sends more of these
into its mouth,     dearer than gold,
which men of rank     often desire,
kings and queens.     I will not now yet
name his nature     who for use and profit
of doughty men     makes what the dumb thing
(that dun-faced nitwit)     first swallows up.


Ic wat eardfæstne     anne standan
deafne dumban     se oft dæges swilgeð
þurh gopes hond     gifrum lacum
hwilū monþā wicum     se wonna þegn
sweart saloneb     sendeð oþre
under goman him     golde dyrran
þa æþelingas     oft wilniað
cyningas cwene     Ic cyn nu gen
nemnan ne wille     þe him to nytte swa
to dugþum doþ     se dumba her
eorp unwita     ær fer swilgeð

Probably Bake-oven; but Bookcase has been proposed. Perhaps both, for the sake of promoting argument.